Covid-19: What You Need to Know in Greenville and the Upstate

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Wondering how the Novel Coronavirus (CoVid-19) might affect your life and routine as it begins to spread around the country? You’re not alone. While we don’t recommend panic and don’t encourage a rush on the hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and face masks, there are some helpful things to know.

We’ll be collecting local resource links here in one place, along with information from the CDC so you can stay informed.

Read the Kidding Around policies around the Coronavirus situation.

This article includes:
Where to Find Food Assistance
Greenville Healthcare Options Including E-Visits
Coronavirus Resources: Things to Do, Groceries and Dining-Out
15+ Things to Do When Stuck at Home with Kids
Health Department and CDC Prevention Information
City of Greenville, SC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparations

Where to Find Food Assistance in Greenville and Spartanburg

These school locations, plus restaurants and local businesses, are offering assistance to help feed children who normally eat at school.

Upstate, South Carolina Healthcare Options

Guide to Healthcare in Greenville

Have questions or concerns for a healthcare provider in Greenville? Here’s a list of local family doctors, pediatricians, urgent care and more.

If you live in Spartanburg, visit our Spartanburg Healthcare Guide.

See a Doctor From Home

You’re not feeling so great, but you don’t want to head to the doctor’s office and sit in a waiting room with a bunch of other people not feeling well. Maybe you don’t have the time to wait or maybe you’re concerned you might be exposed to something else while you’re there. Whatever your reason, the Upstate has a number of telehealth options to help. This is the perfect option for mild health concerns. Patients don’t have to wait and it keeps some of the crowd out of the urgent cares.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Grocery Delivery in Upstate, SC

You can get groceries without leaving the house. Place your order online and in just a couple hours, groceries arrive at your door. Find out which stores and services are available in Greenville and Spartanburg.

Outdoor Dining in Greenville, SC

Want to go out to eat but feel the need to avoid the indoor space and crowds? Try one of these restaurants in Greenville, SC with outdoor seating and choose a less busy time. Go for a late lunch or an early dinner instead of looking to be seated at 6 pm. Our list has a section of restaurants with shaded, cooler outdoor dining spaces and a section of restaurants with heated outdoor dining patios, so you can dine outdoors any season.

Family Take-Out Meals in Greenville

Local restaurants are operating on a take-out and drive-thru basis. These restaurants have take-out meals that families can bring home for dinner tonight. Also see our Reader Recommended Curbside Delivery and Take-Out List.

Talking to Children About Coranavirus

If you’re wondering what to say to your kids about the coronavirus, or how to talk to kids who are hearing things in the community, here’s some advice from a local child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Check out this children’s story from Clemson University Life Sciences Outreach Center that parents can use to explain what’s going on with Covid-19 to their children.

Things to do when You’re stuck at Home with Kids

Everything from a cooking competition to camping in your yard to journaling and gardening, we have more than 15 ideas of things to do when you’re stuck at home with the kids.

Avoiding Coronavirus AND Boredom: Outdoor Things to Do in Greenville

Part of trying to stay healthy may mean avoiding crowds, which could make for some boring days at home. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some outdoor things to do and places to go in Greenville that aren’t very crowded and a whole lot of fun.

Virtual Educational Sites and Virtual Field Trips

Here’s a list of many of the online resources the kids use regularly at school, plus some additional educational programs you can use to supplement. We’ve also included a list of fun virtual field trips to places like Yellowstone National Park that you can take right from your computer.

Ways to Stay Connected During Social Distancing

Find out how your friends and neighbors are staying connected and put some of their ideas into practice.

Health Department and CDC Coronavirus Prevention Information

South Carolina DHEC Coronavirus Information

Here’s information straight from South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control. Here you’ll find updates on the number of cases in the United States, educational resources, fact sheets and more.

Center for Disease Control: Preventing COVID-19 Spread

Find recommendations on cleaning and disinfecting to prevent the spread of coronavirus, as well guidance for getting your household ready for coronavirus. The CDC website is also a one stop shop for up to date COVID-19 information. It is far superior information to what is often on social thread comments. All the information, no drama. Officials are repeatedly recommending this CDC website for accurate information.

World Health Organization Coronavirus Myth Busters

Will garlic help prevent you getting the coronavirus? Does ultraviolet light kill the coronavirus? Can you open a letter from China? Find the answer to all these questions and more at this World Health Organization site.

City of Greenville, SC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparations

Greenville, SC like other cities in the US had Covid-19 emergency plans: City of Greenville- Coronavirus

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