10 Birthday Ideas that Are Perfect for Babies in Greenville

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Planning a birthday party for a baby in Greenville, SC? What are the perfect spots in Greenville for a baby’s birthday party? Babies are a little tricky. They need a lot of supervision and a safe space. That’s why we came up with this list full of venues, parks, and other creative spots that would be perfect for a baby’s first or second birthday party in Greenville.

For even more ideas of where to throw the perfect party for your kid see our comprehensive guide to birthday parties in Greenville.

Birthdays are supposed to be fun. But let’s be honest – sometimes they’re not. I am usually so stressed out on the day of my kid’s party. I find myself counting down the minutes until it’s over.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve compiled a list of (what I feel are) ten of the best party ideas for your baby (infant and/or toddler) that won’t break your budget. These ideas include both easy DIY birthday ideas for home and venues that specialize in parties for babies.

Local Parks that Are Perfect for Baby Birthday Parties

Herdklotz Park

Assuming you live in the Greenville area, you’ve probably been to Herdklotz Park. Or at least heard of it. Located off Rutherford Road, it’s the perfect party destination. I would gear this one more towards your toddler child. There are two ways to do it: 1) Call Greenville Rec and reserve the large shelter at the top of the hill or the smaller shelter at the toddler playground. Or 2) pick a time that is less crowded and set up under the shelter in the little play area. Personally, I am in favor of the latter. When my son turned three we packed up picnic table covers, sidewalk chalk, balls and cars. He had a blast! The best part? It doesn’t cost a dime!

For more parks that might be good for a baby/toddler birthday party, check out our list of parks with fenced-in playgrounds.

For more great parks, visit our Ultimate Guide to Parks in Greenville. You’ll find parks by location and amenities like basketball courts, swings and more.

The Greenville Zoo

The Greenville Zoo is perfect for ANY age and they offer a party package on their website. But, if you ask me (and you did, right?), for a baby’s birthday, I would stroll through the zoo with my friends and finish up with cake and ice cream under the picnic shelters in Cleveland Park. Children 2 and under can visit the Greenville Zoo for free and several of the membership packages come with extra tickets for friends and family.

Falls Park

Falls Park is the perfect idea for an infant party. I say infant, because if you carry a group of toddlers, the likelihood of your blood pressure sky-rocketing into the danger zone is high. And that would defeat the purpose of this list. I’m not signing up to chase two year olds around in an attempt to keep them out of the creek. No thank you. But count me in for a picnic lunch and playing on a blanket with other mommies and their babies. Stop by the Dollar Store, grab a few bottles of bubbles and head downtown. Don’t forget the cupcakes! Also, remember to pack paper products, juice boxes and lots of wet wipes. The only downside is you’ll need a back-up plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Get Together at Greenville Main Library

This may sound a little unconventional. You wouldn’t want to invite twenty friends, but if you are willing to keep it small (up to 3 friends & their babies), the library could be a really cool place for a party! There are computers and an entire room for your toddlers and/or babies. Be sure to check the Play-And-Learn (PAL) schedule to be sure it’s open during your party time. If the weather is nice, make sure you have your blanket packed and serve up your cupcakes (or cookies) on the front lawn.

Greenville Venues that Offer Parties Designed for Babies

Piano Central Studios

Piano Central Studios offers Kindermusik® parties for ages 1-7 at their two locations (N. Pleasantburg Drive and Woodruff Road). Each party includes dancing, singing, creative play, musical instruments, parachutes, bubbles, and more. Due to Covid, Kindermusik® parties are currently not being offered, but keep them in mind for the future, though!

DIY Home Birthday Party for Babies

Bring Your Own Book

This party takes place in the comfort of your own home. Invite your guests to wrap their favorite children’s book. Have a special guest or “storyteller” read a handful of the books to your tiny audience. If you’re feeling really energetic and creative, have a few friends lined up to perform a puppet show. Your baby will have a fresh new library at the end of this party!

Kidz Bop Dance Party

Obviously, this one is more suitable for kids who are walking or toddling around. Who doesn’t love music?! Kidz Bop is awesome because it allows you to enjoy all the current tunes without being exposed to inappropriate lyrics. Toddlers LOVE to move! Music and dancing is always a crowd-pleaser.

Water Table Fun

Splish! Splash! You might suggest that your friends pack a towel and an extra pair of clothes. Put out a large tarp in the middle of your living room floor. Fill the table with lukewarm water. Add a drop of baby soap for bubbles or bath colors for a more exciting look. On the invitations, you can ask that each friend bring a bath toy as their gift. Your child will have fun opening their new toys before playtime. *This can also be done outdoors on a deck or patio.

Paint & Play Doh Party

Let’s get creative! This is sure to be a hit with your two (maybe 3) year olds. Crayola makes paint that is completely safe for little hands. Spread a LARGE white piece of paint paper on the kitchen floor or table. (I would tape it down if I were you). Squirt a few different colors onto the paper and watch them (closely) as they go to town! After about 30 minutes, clean them up and transition to the table for Play-Doh fun. Like with the other parties, you can ask your guests to bring their own Play-Doh and/or Play-Doh accessories and leave them for the birthday girl or boy.

Find more fun birthday party ideas for babies on our Spectacular Party Ideas Pinterest Board.

At the very least, I hope this list will alleviate some of your birthday party anxieties. All that really matters is that our children feel loved and celebrated on their special day.

Where has your child’s favorite birthday party been held?

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Sherry Flaig
6 years ago

For the March 2016 sunset park egg drop, what are the times egg drop is and for what age. Thanks

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Reply to  Sherry Flaig

Community Easter Egg Drop at Sunset Park

This annual event is very popular! A helicopter hovers hundreds of feet in the air and then drops thousands of eggs filled with goodies for children to gather from the fields! You should arrive early as the crowds can get quite large for this event.

March 19th (rain date March 20th), 12 – 4 pm
2:30 pm – Preschool-K5 Egg Drop
3:15 pm – 1st-2nd grade & 3rd-5th grade Egg Drop