Northern Greer is Home to Scändi Tiny Coffee

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Love a good cup of coffee? Scändi Tiny Coffee is located in the Lake Walk Tiny Home Community off of Highway 101 in Greer, SC. With a full lineup of coffee drinks and Scandinavian pastries and a gorgeous outdoor setting, Scändi Tiny Coffee is a great place to stop off for a coffee date or a family treat.

Scandi Tiny Coffee

What is Scändi Tiny Coffee?

Scändi Tiny Coffee is a unique coffee shop in Northern Greer. You’ll find it serving up ethically sourced coffee and delicious treats in the Lake Walk Tiny Home Community in Northern Greer.

In keeping with its name and its neighbors, Scändi Tiny Coffee is a tiny house-sized coffee shop. They serve coffee specialty drinks, pour overs, great brewed coffee, plus cookies, scones and other treats in their tiny space.

Scandi Tiny was formerly Barista Tiny in Greer, SC

Scändi Tiny Coffee’s Indoor and Outdoor Space

Worried about seating in a tiny space? Don’t be. Inside you’ll find a beautiful space with a few tables and a living room set for seating, plus a plethora of outdoor seating. There is covered seating on a wrap-around patio, plus a fire pit area and picnic tables in the sun. The outdoor space includes grassy areas, spaces for food trucks and outdoor games.

Scändi Tiny Coffee had a lot of customers when we first visited, and it didn’t feel crowded at all. We walked into the tiny shop with two adults, six kids and a pack of Pokemon cards. Even with the exuberance that 6 kids with Pokemon trading cards will bring, we didn’t overwhelm the indoor seating space. If you are familiar with kids and such cards, that should give you some idea of how well the layout of this particular tiny space works.

We really appreciated the outdoor seating options as well. The area is great for kids to play and explore. Our kids enjoyed the large jenga blocks, and they really had fun just trying to catch the butterflies that were attracted to the beautiful landscaping around the shop. Just keep in mind the area is not fully fenced and Highway 101 is a busy road. There is a little bit of a false sense of security when you see the fence along the road because it doesn’t extend around the whole outdoor space.

Scändi Tiny Coffee has a Drive Thru

Just driving by? Scändi Tiny Coffee also has a drive-thru space, so you can get their delicious coffee on the run. But we think once you see it, you’ll want to park and enjoy Scändi Tiny Coffee’s unique atmosphere.

Planning to Visit?

Scändi Tiny Coffee
301 Simply Less Circle, Greer

For GPS use this alternative address:
Tiny Walk Community, 2901-2983 N Hwy 101, Greer

Have you tried Scandi Tiny yet?

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