11 Reasons Why Denver Downs Farm Should Be on Your Fall Must-Do List

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Looking for a new favorite family fall activity in Greenville? I’ve been going to Denver Downs Farm with my family for the past six years and it’s by far my most favorite fall activity. We look forward to it every year – my family all looks at our calendars and pick a date that works, get lunches packed, water bottles filled, and prepare to spend the whole day at the farm. Why do I love it so much? Because it’s that day every year that we make some of our most lasting memories. It’s photos from that day that I blow up and put around my house and it’s what my kids talk about all year long and what their grandparents ask about well in advance of cooler weather. 

But there are lots of great reasons to visit Denver Downs and if you haven’t gone, take a few minutes to learn about why this place is such a gem. And if you’ve already been, well, what are you waiting for? Make plans to go back this fall!

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11 – Enjoy being a kid with your kids

All of the barnyard activities – the jumping pillows, slides, rock walls, games, swinging from ropes – bring out the kid in me. Denver Downs is a place I can just play with my kids. And it’s a lot of fun for all of us!

10 – It’s an opportunity to support a local farm

Denver Downs is a family-run farm that first opened in the late 1800s. By supporting the farm, you are extending that heritage in our region and are able to be a part of history. 

9 – There are often baby animals, including my favorite: baby goats

If there are baby goats anywhere, you should go. Or baby animals. They make anyone smile. 

8 – The music is fantastic

Music at entertainment venues for families is sometimes just background noise. That’s not the case at Denver Downs. The live bands that perform are awesome and you’ll want to stop and just hang out to listen to them. In 2022, they’ve added a lot more sound elements to the farm so you can hear music from wherever you are.

7 – The pig derby is adorable

Being from the north, I didn’t know pig racing was a thing until I went to Denver Downs. And now I’m the one in the front row cheering on the little guys as they race to get their treats. 

6 – Go through the corn maze and check off a national bucket list item

The Denver Downs ten-acre corn maze has received national accolades and landed on the USA Today’s 10Best Readers Choice list seven times! It’s the only one in the state to make the list.

5 – The fresh squeezed lemonade and kettle corn are super tasty

If you’re going to get lemonade, make sure it’s fresh-squeezed because it’s totally worth it. And the kettle corn is delicious. They’ve also got several adult beverages for sale.

4 – Adults have just as much fun as kids

Denver Downs isn’t just for kids – all the barnyard activities can be enjoyed by adults, too. You bet I’ve raced around on the little tricycles and swung on the ropes in the barn and ridden the zipline. 

3 – You can bring your own food

Many places don’t allow guests to bring their own food, essentially forcing them to purchase not-so-cheap eats at the location. While the farm has reasonable food for purchase, they allow guests to bring their own food, which my family always does. We usually tailgate out in the parking lot for lunch before heading back in for round two of fun. 

2 – With over 35 activities, the ticket prices include a lot of things to do for once price

While some families will look at the ticket price per person and say that’s not cheap, for the number of things you’re able to do at the farm, it’s reasonable for this reason: at other farms and events like carnivals, you have to pay individually for each attraction: $5 for a hayride, another $5 for the jumping pillow, $3 for the swing ride, $3 for the big slide, another $7 for the corn maze. And that’s just to do each thing one time for the most part. At Denver Downs, the ticket price covers all of those activities and you can do them as many times as you like!

In 2022, they’ve added more than 30% of the farm to include things like the massive slide, two jumping pillows, and updated little kids areas. And in 2023, they’ve added a lighted Pumpkin Trail. It is so cute.

2023 Ticket Info: $25 per person ages 3 and older if you purchase online; $29.95 at the gate
Open September 23rd through November 12th, 2023
Thursdays 1-5 pm (tickets are $15/person) | Fridays 4-10 pm | Saturdays:  10am-10pm | Sundays:  10am-6pm

1- It’s one of the best places in the area to make lasting family memories

Like I said at the beginning of this list, my family makes going to Denver Downs a priority every fall and we look forward to it all year long because we just have so much fun together. It’s quality time that is so precious in today’s busy world, which is just priceless. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Denver Downs Farm in Anderson and make those memories with your family!

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