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Looking for parks in Easley? My favorite time of year has arrived, and I am so excited! Spring is working hard to break its way into the Southern summer. Recently my kids and I decided to leave the “big city” to check out the suburbs. We set out on a mission to explore some of the Easley parks and were pleasantly surprised with what we discovered!

We’ve also added some information for you about all parks in Easley and Pickens Counties, even if we haven’t had the opportunity to visit them yet.

Playgrounds and parks Easley, SC

Our Favorite Parks In Easley, SC

Red “JB” Owens Recreational Complex

Once Upon a Time, in my former life, I was a baseball wife. My family spent countless hours at baseball parks. I’d been to JB Owens Complex on many occasions. I had no idea there was a playground – obviously, my visits took place before I was a mom. The playground has a climbing structure, one slide, and a swing set. A nice covered picnic shelter has seven tables and a Powerade machine. This might come in handy if you are like me and always manage to forget drinks! While the playground itself is pretty ordinary, it’s the surrounding area that caught my attention. In a very large wooded area, you’ll find a disc golf course. There are plenty of places to tie up your hammock, too. I saw several of these the day we were there. You have no idea how badly I wanted to join them! Can you say relaxing?!

Are you familiar with free libraries? Well, good news! Pickens County has placed one at this playground. If you have books your family has memorized, bring them and make an exchange. There’s one other feature I have to tell you about before moving on. Red Owens Complex has a “Born Learning Trail.” If you’re like me, you have no idea what that is. It’s just what the name says… a trail where you learn. Stations for younger children are set up across the field. Your job is to follow the directions on each sign. It is one of the coolest things I’ve seen outdoors! It provides such a wonderful teaching opportunity.

Parks in Easley

Pope Field

Pope Field is a small playground for ages 5-12.  What stood out to me most were the four slides. Three are side by side. I didn’t have the kids with me on this particular trip, but I can easily imagine the races that would take place. In addition to the playground, there are two ball fields and a picnic shelter.

Easley Parks Red Owens

Hagood Park

This park will appeal to you for several reasons. There are two separate playgrounds. The one for ages 2-5 is simple and somewhat secluded. There are two covered shelters and a bathroom. Please note, I am using the term “bathroom” loosely. I’d suggest you make everyone go before heading to this park.

The upper playground, for ages 5-12, is pretty large. It sits beside a basketball court and two volleyball stations. Remember to bring balls to take advantage of these courts. There are no shelters, but several picnic tables and plenty of green grass with perfect spots to throw down a blanket.

Hagood Park is also the perfect place to bring your furry friends. There are two separate fenced-in parks for your dogs. You heard that right! One park is designated for pups, the other for larger dogs.

Doodle Trail Park

Picnic tables, a shelter, a concrete walking trail and trains are just a few of the features this park offers. If you have a kid who loves trains, this should be on your list of places to visit. And three cheers for a nice clean bathroom at Doodle Trail Park. Learn More About Having Fun on The Doodle Trail in Easley, SC

Alice Mill Park

Alice Mill Park
102 Nalley Street, Easley

  • 1 Baseball Field
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms

Kings Park

Kings Park
Oak Circle, Easley

  • 1 large shelter
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms
  • Playground Ages 5-12

Nalley Brown Nature Park

Nalley Brown Nature Park
380 Adger Road, Easley

  • Here’s our review of Nalley Brown Nature Park
  • 7 minutes from downtown Easley
  • 3 trail options spanning 38 acres
  • 2.5 miles of trails
  • 1 mile ADA accessible trail
  • 1 Shelter
  • Natural Playground

Woodside Park

Woodside Park
200 South 8th Street, Easley

  • 1 Baseball/Softball Field
  • Picnic Tables
  • 1 Shelter
  • Playground Ages 5-12 

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Jaycee Park in Easley

Our Favorite Parks In Pickens County, SC

Jaycee Park

I saved the best for last. Jaycee Park is located off Main St in Pickens. I was so excited about this park, I picked the boys up from school and drove all the way to Pickens a SECOND time so they could see it.  With the price of gas, that speaks volumes.

I followed the GPS the first time to get photos and check it out. I immediately fell in love. The largest structure is wooden with a slide, ladders, and a bridge. It reminded me of Kids Planet. Everything else is made of tires. There’s a zip line, swings, balance beams, and even ladders made of tires. The boys were fascinated. The climbing wall was ocean-themed and the walking trail was paved. There was even a Born Learning Trail on the other side of the fence.

A gate from the playground leads to a shallow creek with a sand bar. If your children are into skipping rocks and wading in ankle-deep water, you could easily spend the majority of your time here. It wouldn’t hurt to throw water shoes and a towel in your bag. You might be sorry if you don’t – I may or may not be speaking from experience.

This is just a rough overview of some of the family parks in the Easley/Pickens area. A short drive from Greenville, you’ll enjoy checking out these new discoveries as much as I did.

Town Creek Bike Park

Town Creek Bike Park
545 State Road S-39-190, Pickens

The Town Creek Bike Park (TCBP), is an off-road bicycling facility with a number of features, including:

  • 8’ wide paved trail called the “Appalachian Lumber Greenway” that follows most of the existing trail along the historic Appalachian Lumber Company railroad route and provides a multi-use and ADA accessible path between the Pickens Recreation Center and the Playground of Promise
  • 4,000′ FlowCoaster
  • Berm turn wall rides
  • Dirt Jumps
  • Earthen Rollers
  • Wooden Rollers
  • Apex Over-Under Bridges
  • Raised Half Log Trails
  • Wooden Banked Turns
  • Pump Track and Earthen Bowl
  • Single Track

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This article was originally written by Andrea Beam and has been updated by the Kidding Around Team.

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