Graveyard Fields: Don’t Let the Name of This Awesome Swimming Hole Scare You Off

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Have you heard about a swimming hole called Graveyard Fields? Admittedly I wasn’t terribly excited about heading to a place called Graveyard Fields, even it was to check out a supposedly awesome waterfall and swimming hole. I’m glad I shoved those feelings to the wayside and chose the more adventurous path because the waterfall we found and the time I spent traversing swimming holes at Graveyard Fields was amazing.

Sitting on a rock at Graveyard Fields Falls

How to Get to Graveyard Fields

Graveyard Fields is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway and part of the Pisgah National Forest. You can find it at mile marker 418.8, and it’s easy to spot since it has a big parking lot with bathhouses. This area is known for blooming rhododendrons in the spring, which I imagine were pretty spectacular. The trail down to the falls starts through a tunnel of rhododendrons – after the sign that says the area has high bear activity. We didn’t see any bears but were certainly on the lookout. Once you get out of the tunnel, you’ll cross a bridge and can stop here to play in the water if you like. There are several shallow pools to splash around in and flat rocks to sunbathe and relax.

To get to the Lower Falls (or Second Falls, which it says on the map), keep on the man-made bridge up to the right. You come to a huge staircase, which you will go all the way down to the falls. They are gorgeous and there are plenty of fun places to cool off here.

Graveyard Fields Falls

Things to Do at Graveyard Fields

We climbed all over the rocks and jumped in the shallow pools before making our way to the waterfall, where you can swim. A group of guys was jumping into the waterfall pool, which looked somewhat safe. I’m not a fan of jumping off big rocks into the water where I don’t know how deep it is, but it did look fun. I prefer to take a more cautious approach, especially with my kids around and being the adult and all.

The hike to the Lower Falls is pretty easy and short, maybe just a third of a mile. Getting back up those stairs isn’t terribly fun but you have to work for something, right?

Relaxing at Graveyard Fields Falls

There are tons of big rocks to sit on while you watch people jump into the waterfalls and have a snack or just rest and enjoy the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My kids really loved this place, as did I. It’s perfect for smaller kids to play in the shallow pools but also fun for adults and older kids to swim if they like.

Graveyard Fields also has a longer hike you can do – around 4 miles – to see other waterfalls in the area. The parking lot is great because there are bathrooms, which are few and far between on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This hike is about 45 minutes from Brevard.

Have you been to Graveyard Fields?

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