The Ultimate Guide to CSA Farms Near Greenville, SC

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Looking for ‘CSA near me’? Or maybe you’re curious about CSAs in Greenville, SC? In this article, you will learn how CSA farms work and the benefits of CSA programs for the farms and customers. And of course, where you can find a CSA in Greenville, SC.

Find a CSA near Greenville, SC

What is a CSA?

The “farm to table” dining experience has taken the country by storm and indeed, it sounds divinely delicious: chefs are using fresh food straight from the farm, local ingredients to create tasty and (mostly) healthy meals. This type of cooking is spreading quickly, including Greenville, but eating out isn’t feasible every day so what about creating your own farm-to-table experience at home?

Enter Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, where families and individuals buy into a local farm for a certain number of weeks a year, sharing the risks and rewards of the crop, and get fresh ingredients either delivered to their door or made available for pickup every week. It is the perfect way to support local farms and eat the freshest and healthiest ingredients around.

CSAs work as a partnership between the member and the farmers. By buying into the farm itself, the family has its own share and reaps the seasonal harvest as they are grown. There are some inherent risks, however, as bad weather and pests can destroy part of a crop any given year although the farmers take great care to protect their harvests as best they can and many have agreements with other farms in nearby states to supplement their own harvests if need be.

Harvest Box Feed and Seed
Spring Harvest Box at Feed and Seed

Why Join a CSA?

One great benefit of getting farm fresh food from a CSA is that it’s so much healthier than conventional meat, eggs, and dairy products. And by buying a share in CSA, members get the option of cooking with lesser known ingredients that they may never have tried in the past. Many CSAs will give their members recipes every week using the fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products that are in that particular week’s share. So not only do you get to try new foods, you get to hone those cooking skills as well. Sautéed Swiss chard with parmesan? Yes please. Blueberry cobbler? I’ll take seconds.

Lastly, not only do you get the benefit of supporting a locally owned farm, but the costs can be comparable to shopping at grocery stores. Some CSAs will require payment for the entire season upfront or a deposit and prices vary widely and will also be dependent on whether the member wants a full or half share.

How Do You Pick Up Your Share?

Members pick up their shares every week at the same time and place, either at the farm itself or somewhere convenient in Greenville, with reusable shopping bags. Some farms will deliver weekly shares to your door. Seasons run in blocks usually in spring through the summer and another from late summer through the end of fall although some farms will start in January.

What Farms Offer a CSA near Greenville, SC?

Ready to buy into a CSA and start your own fresh food, farm-to-table experience? Here are a few available in the Greenville area:

Growing Green Family Farms, Anderson, SC

Feed & Seed Co.’s Harvest Box, Greenville, SC

Ringgold Family Farm, Woodruff, SC

Horseshoe Farms, Travelers Rest, SC

Crescent Farms, Clinton, SC

Bio-Way Farms, Ware Shoals, SC

Mill Village Farms offers a Foodshare Box

Sharecroppers Farm, Spartanburg, SC

Swamp Rabbit Cafe, Greenville, SC

GrassFat Farms, Greenwood, SC with shipping available across SC (this is a meat CSA)

Want to find other local produce? We’ve rounded up the best spots for you.

Have you ever joined a local CSA? We would love to hear what you thought of your experience?

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9 years ago

We joined Mini Miracles Farm recently and have been very happy with our experience. The food is fresh and tasty. We also attended the Family Fun Day at the farm last weekend and our toddler had a great time, as did my husband and I. I would recommend this CSA to others.

9 years ago

Are any of these farms organic? We just moved here, but in Charleston belonged to Ambrose FarmsCSA. You could choose Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter shares or the whole year and it was all organic.

Kristina H
9 years ago
Reply to  Shannon

Mini-Miracles Farm is organic – they don’t use any chemicals at all.. Bio-Way Farms may be as well. Not sure about the others.

9 years ago

We love mini miracles. We have been CSA members for a number of years, and customers before that. The farm is owned by an awesome family and staffed with wonderful people. They take in rescue animals, and also host programs for children with special needs on the farm. The food is great, and if you pay for the year and take advantage of the early bird discount, its only $30 a week. Most of the time, its better than I could do in the grocery store, and certainly better quality.