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Bounce Houses and Trampoline Parks in Spartanburg

Looking for a trampoline park or bounce house near Spartanburg, SC? If you have a kid who likes to jump, and who doesn’t, bounce houses and trampolines parks are probably pretty popular with your crew. So, here’s a round-up of all the trampoline parks and places you can bring the kids to bounce and jump in Spartanburg.

Big Air

Looking for more things to do indoors in Spartanburg? Check out our giant Indoor Guide to Upstate, SC. You’ll find everything from trampoline parks to roller skating and bowling alleys. 

Arena X

SPONSORED 864.558.7573 | 660 Spartan Boulevard, #208, Spartanburg, SC

Arena X Indoor Guide 2022

Ready for a challenge?! Arena X is the all-new competitive ninja tag concept from Big Air. It’s the first and only business in SC to offer this style of technology and gameplay.

Arena X is a high energy, multiplayer indoor arena where players of ALL AGES challenge their opponents to reach the highest score. In this timed experience, players search for and tag glowing beacons located throughout the arena by scanning their unique wristband. The objective is to collect as many points as possible. There are 25 unique challenges to navigate and 125+ beacons to scan in this 2-story arena. Who will YOU challenge?

Check it out: Arena X Memberships now available starting at $25/month.

Big Air of Spartanburg

864.580.6462 | 660 Spartan Boulevard, Spartanburg, SC

Big Air is the next generation of trampoline parks! Bounce off our walls in Spartanburg’s largest Trampoline Park featuring over 35 fun and exciting attractions all included in the admission.