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Playgrounds With Sand in Greenville, SC

Are you looking for a sandy playground with sand underneath the equipment near Greenville, SC?

“SAND!!!” your children yell as they long jump into the sand beneath the playground. Soon, they are ripping their shoes off and burying each other. You groan inwardly because you did not put the right shoes on them or you really didn’t want them to get sand all over your car. Here are the sandy playgrounds with sand under them so you are prepared!

sand surfaced playgrounds

Mauldin City Park

| 203 Corn Road, Greenville, SC

Your kids will enjoy the sand under this playground in full sun.

  • Baseball diamond, basketball courts, soccer fields
  • Sunny playground on sand
  • No restrooms
  • Free parking lot

Read our review of Mauldin City Park.

Lincoln Park

| 72 Harnitha Lane, Taylors, SC

Take a walk or run while your child plays basketball or plays at the playground at this quiet park.

  • Picnic shelter, paved trail, basketball, baseball diamond
  • Sunny playground
  • No restrooms
  • Free parking lot

Piney Mountain Park

| 501 Worley Road, Greenville, SC

Close to Cherrydale, this park has a nice walking trail and a sunny, enclosed playground on the sand.

  • Paved trail, baseball diamond, basketball court, picnic shelter
  • Sunny playground
  • No restrooms
  • Free parking lot