Your Kids are Sure to Love Mauldin City Park

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Though a little hidden from view, City Park in Mauldin is one you won’t want to miss. Offering multiple fields and courts, a fun playground and even a little shade your kids are sure to love it! Read Lindy’s complete review and plan your own trip!

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Sometimes you miss the most obvious things in life. Like say the park you’ve literally driven by pretty much every week for ballroom dance lessons. In my defense, the City Park in Mauldin is sort of hidden behind the Mauldin Open Air Market farm stand at the corner of Butler and Bridges roads. It’s also home to the Ray Hopkins Senior Center. If you didn’t know there was a full park with playground there either, well now you know to go check it out!

About Maudin’s City Park

Parking is a little sparse next to the park but there are many spots right along the sidewalks, which means no crossing hazardous parking lots with kids! It’s nearest Butler Road- you’ll find basketball courts near Bridges Road. There are many sports fields, including lots of baseball fields, a batting cage and some soccer areas. You’ll find convenient benches for parents to sit and some nice tree shade. We stopped after a rain drizzle and the park was only slightly wet with almost no puddling on the equipment. The ground is covered in sand though so be warned as it can be messy, especially if your kid insists on wearing shoes with no socks!

This park features many slides- tube and two different sizes of double slides. You’ll find infant swings but not standard ones. This is nice as it means no trying to switch between pushing an older child and taking turns to put baby in a swing, but you may have to warn your big kids there are only swings for the littles so they don’t get jealous. There’s a bridge which is fairly unique for the parks around here, as well as a rare fireman’s pole to slide down! You’ll find a climber, balance beam, tic tac toe and even old school style rockers reminiscent of the McDonald’s of your youth.

This park is fairly easy to get to (once you know it’s there). While in Mauldin, it’s also close to the south side of Greenville and the 385 as well as Five Forks, Simpsonville and other nearby municipalities . While you’re there, consider spending the day exploring. Up the road are reader favorite Mexican restaurants Azteca and the super kid friendly Chicora Alley. You can also stop by the Mauldin branch library. You can check out other Mauldin parks like Sunset. You can even try to spy a princess at Once Upon a Dream Parties boutique! Or you can bird watch on the trails at Conestee Lake Park.

Plan your own trip to Mauldin City Park

203 Corn Rd, Greenville
Visit their website here.

Have you stopped by City Park in Mauldin yet?

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