Trick-or-Treat Door to Door in These Greenville Neighborhoods

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Where can you bring your family to trick-or-treat in Greenville? When going door to door asking for sweets in your own neighborhood isn’t the right choice, where do Upstate families go? Safety concerns, a lack of other children in the neighborhood, or just a lack of anyone at all could cause a family to look to other neighborhoods for their trick or treating needs.

So if you want the door-to-door trick-or-treating experience this year but aren’t sure what neighborhood to visit, this is the list for you. We asked our readers where the most “Halloween visitor-friendly” spots in the Upstate were, and this is what they told us.

If you need a map of the best places to go, we have one right here!

Halloween Guide, trick or treat in Greenville, SC

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You’ll find fun events, trunk-or-treat and trick-or-treats, and lots more!

Parents, these are recommendations gathered from our readers. Please always use your judgment regarding your child’s safety trick-or-treating and consuming treats in these or any other neighborhoods.

Trick or treat in Greenville SC

Great Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in Greenville

Earle Street, Greenville

“Earle Street has several officers directing traffic at the red light on North Main. We usually start on one end and travel down and back up the other side. They have so many decorated houses, fire breathers, singers, bands, games, and other fun stuff at each house.


Earle Street is off North Main in Greenville.

Botany Woods, Greenville

Botany Woods!!! The Best!….But trust me! It’s enough candy for a child. Both my twins come bk with their buckets almost full.


Botany Woods is in Greenville, east of Pleasantburg road and behind the Ollie’s on Wade Hampton. This neighborhood is recommended year after year for trick-or-treating in Greenville!

Half Mile Lake, Greenville

Half Mile Lake subdivision is located off State Park Road near Altamont Road.

Riverdale Subdivision, Greer

Riverdale Subdivision Greer across the street from Clayton Homes off Wade Hampton Blvd


Riverdale is located just west of the Highway 80 and Wade Hampton intersection in Lyman.

Trick or Treat near Greenville SC

O’Neal Village in Greer

We had two readers mention this North Greer neighborhood, located off of 101.

We love O’Neal Village in Greer.


Subdivision off hwy 101 right before oneal Baptist church on right


Fountain Inn

While it’s not a neighborhood, it does come reader recommended, so we are including Main Street, Fountain Inn.

I grew up with amazing Halloween memories there and they’re still carrying it on.

Kids dressed up for Halloween as they trick-or-treat in Greenville

Neely Farms, Simpsonville

Neely farms hands down!!


Orchard Farms, Simpsonville

Orchard Farms is located in the heart of the Golden Strip in Simpsonville and is recommended by several readers.

Morning Mist, Simpsonville

A few readers recommended Morning Mist in Simpsonville, saying that the decorating is amazing. The neighborhood is off of Georgia Road.

Silver Leaf, Greer

At least 3 readers recommend the Silver Leaf community for trick or treating. It’s located in Greer off of Old Spartanburg Road.

Amber Oaks Farm, Greer

Someone recommended Amber Oaks Farm in Greer by Blue Ridge High school. It’s located off Pennington Road and Highway 101.

Tymberbrook, Lyman

Tymberbrook in Lyman, it’s a big older neighborhood and soooo many of the houses are involved, lots of kids and costumes lots of people having driveway parties!!!


Tymberbrook Drive is located in Lyman, north of Wade Hampton near Lake Lyman.

Lyman Mill Village

Lyman Mill Village! Park your car and go walking all around. Most of the homes give candy and there are trunk or treats from churches. Police have roads blocked for safety!


North Main

The Neighborhood of North Main street just above Wade Hampton got a lot of likes from our readers, too! According to Kidding Around fans, East and West Earle Street sound like a good place to trick or treat.

Honey Creek, Anderson

The Honey Creek subdivision in Anderson came highly recommended. It’s near Arnold’s and South Main Street, and is technically in Belton.

I grew up with amazing Halloween memories there and they’re still carrying it on.


Rose Hill, Powdersville

Rose Hill for the Powdersville folks! Almost every house is decorated and most set up tables to hand out candy! Get there early to park (not on the grass) there are 500+ easy trick or treaters every year!


Rose Hill is a newer subdivision in Powdersville off 3 Bridges Road and Mt Airy Church Road.

Neighborhood trick-or-treating in Greenville SC

Tips for Trick-or-Treating as a Guest in a Neighborhood

Local mom Dallas, had this great bit of advice for those visiting other neighborhoods on Halloween :

Parents: bring a trash bag to help pick up the discarded wrappers and random trash that inevitably happens when we visit neighboring communities for better loot. We live in a rural area and go to local subdivisions and noticed the residents are SUPER appreciative if you help out a bit and don’t leave their neighborhoods trashed.


I once noticed something being done and have now started doing it when we visit other neighborhoods on Halloween. I bring glow necklaces and bracelets to hand out to kids walking past us trick or treating. It helps keep kids safe, we’re helping to contribute to the loot of trick-or-treaters in a non-allergenic way, PLUS everyone loves glo-sticks!

We hope that no matter where you decide to go, we hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

In addition to all the places our readers shared with us, there are many community events that you can find on the Kidding Around Greenville Guide to Halloween Events and Trick-or-Treating in Greenville and Spartanburg.

Halloween Guide, trick or treat in Greenville, SC
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