Holmes Park near Downtown Greenville Has a Brand New Playground Your Kids Will Love

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Do you want to find a new playground in an old neighborhood? Your children are sure to enjoy playing at Holmes Park. KAG contributor, Deborah, recently checked it out and found a tranquil park full of activities for children, teens and adults.

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Until just a few weeks before her 100th birthday, my grandmother lived in the quiet neighborhood of Dellwood. I have wonderful memories of walking down the street to Holmes Park where I could play at the playground and run around. Of course, as a child, I had no idea that Holmes Park is located just 3 miles from Cherrydale and 2 miles from downtown Greenville.

I didn’t think about how nice it was to not have to wait to go down the slide or how easy it was for my mom to keep track of me. I just loved being a kid. Now, I get to share this lovely park with my boys.

Holmes Park new playground in Greenville

About Holmes Park

The adventure begins the moment you get out of the car. You can barely see the playground from the parking lot which means you get to run up the path, beside the covered pavilion, all the way up to the brand-new playground.

This bright playground’s plethora of climbing structures makes it feel like an obstacle course. Your children will be challenged and determined to conquer the hanging triangle tunnel. The slide stands out from others with a climbing wall to reach the top instead of a ladder.

The teacup-like ride, rotating shuttle, and netted tunnel complete the draw this playground will have for every child aged 5-12. There is a fully shaded bench where you can sit and watch your children, but the playground is not shaded.

The giant live oak tree right beside the playground will draw your children into nature’s playground. You can climb its thick, low branches, hide in its leaves, and let your imagination run wild. An excellent frisbee golf course encircles the park. Most of the course is shaded which means you could take a nice walk even in the heat of the summer.

You will also find tennis courts and a ball field in the center of the park, and restrooms are across the field from the playground.

Holmes Park tree to climb in Greenville

Visit Holmes Park

111 Holmes Drive, Greenville
6 am – 9 pm daily
Visit the Holmens Park website.

Have you taken your kids to explore Holmes Park since the new playground was installed?

About the Author
Deborah Pope is a music teacher who loves to have adventures with her husband and three boys. They love hiking, biking, going to playgrounds, and walking in gardens. They make fun wherever they go!

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7 years ago

We absolutely LOVE Holmes park.
For us the draw IS the tree.