Saturday Mornings at the Hub City Farmers’ Market

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE  – The Hub City Farmers Market will continue to operate Saturday Mornings from 9 am – 12 pm.
Changes you can expect at the farmers market, per their website –

  • Farmers Market
    The Saturday Farmers Market is continuing to operate every Saturday beginning April 4th at Northside Harvest Park from 9 AM-12 PM. We are taking extra precautions to make the market as healthy as possible for our customers, vendors, and staff.

  • Mobile Market
    The Mobile Market is operating six multi-hour long stops in Spartanburg neighborhoods beginning April 6th. The weekly schedule can be found online.

  • Urban Farm
    Because students are not able to visit the farm for their Seed to Table activities, we are filming nutrition education videos every Tuesday and Thursday and will post them on our Facebook page and website.

  • Healthy Hero Vouchers
    We are distributing $10 Healthy Hero Vouchers at our Farmers Market and Mobile Market for individuals and families that are struggling because of COVID-19.
    Students who watch the Seed to Table videos on our Facebook page are also eligible for a Healthy Hero Voucher. Please visit our booth at the Farmers Market or at a Mobile Market stop to receive the voucher.

Local Mom Shares Her Experience At The Hub City Farmers’ Market

If you’re searching for the perfect place to find local produce in Spartanburg you need to visit Hub City Farmers’ Market. There you’ll find all kinds of local goodness, from produce to plants and so much more! You’re sure to love Hub City Farmers’ Market as much as local mom Christina did when she visited.

About Hub City Farmers’ Market

When talking to friends and acquaintances who live in Spartanburg, I’ve noticed that one particular attraction has come up repeatedly in conversation: the Hub City Farmers’ Market. This local market meets on Saturdays from March-December at Northside Harvest Park from 8 am –  12 pm.  The market boasts an invigorating, exciting atmosphere with an emphasis on health, all while supporting local businesses and farms. The food and handmade goods sold there are all locally grown and produced.

Shopping At The Hub City Market

We went to visit one hot Saturday in August and stopped at each vendor to check out their goods. The fruits and vegetables being sold at the many different booths were all vibrant, healthy, and seasonal samples. Among other beautiful produce, we saw large juicy watermelons, lots of colorful peppers, gigantic Muscadine grapes, and the biggest, most juicy blackberries we’ve ever seen. In addition, to produce stands, there were vendors selling meat and dairy items, treats, and household goods.

We stopped at several booths and made purchases. Our first stop was at Crescent Moon Farm’s booth, where they were selling fresh goat’s milk, goat cheese, goat fudge, and beautiful, fragrant goat’s milk soaps. I purchased a wonderful lavender sage variety of soap, and my husband was pleased with his beer soap. The goat cheese and fudge we sampled were delicious and so fresh!

Our next stop was at a booth for kids by the Junior Leagues, where they were running a special “Kids in the Kitchen” project. My daughter got to make a healthy snack out of local foods using celery, peanut butter, and raisins to make a cute butterfly treat. She loved it!

The following stop may have been our favorite for the day– King of Pops. This local popsicle-maker fashions divine treats made from ingredients sourced by farmers in the area. We purchased the chocolate sea salt, cookie dough, and blackberry ginger lemonade. Each of us eating our popsicles insisted that not only was ours the absolute best of the three but we also all thought they were the best popsicles we’d ever had.

Later stops we enjoyed included a coffee bar, produce farm, carpenter, seafood stand, flower shop, bakery, and pickle stand. There was also a local food truck serving breakfast and lunch items from 8 am – 12 pm. Each stand was quaint and nicely set-up, with easy payment available through cash or tokens (purchased in place of debit). Additionally, Hub City Farmers’ Market offers a great double SNAP program that is easy to take advantage of and very beneficial. The website has a great explanation of how the double SNAP program works here.

Practical Tips for visiting the market

If you visit Hub City Farmers’ Market we would recommend that you be prepared by bringing cash payment (although tokens are available for purchase if you do not have cash), reusable shopping totes, and water. Wear clothing appropriate to the season as it is held outdoors, and if you are prone to sunburn you may want to wear sunblock. If you have a baby, a baby carrier or stroller would be helpful. Also, be sure to bring a cooler for keeping your meat, dairy, and produce fresh while at the market and on the trip home.

We found our visit to Hub City Farmers’ Market to be a great, family-friendly activity. We will definitely be going back, again and again, to visit this gem in Spartanburg!

Plan your own trip to Hub City Farmers’ Market

Hub City Farmers’ Market
Northside Harvest Park
498 Howard Street, Spartanburg

What is your favorite thing to buy when visiting the Hub City Farmers’ Market?

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