My Kids Loved the Brand New Playground at Juanita Butler Community Center

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As summer sizzles to an end, you may be running out of ideas to keep your children active. We are excited to tell you about a new playground at the Juanita Butler Community Center. This park on the west side of Greenville is sure to be a big hit with your kids, after all, it includes a zip line, a rope climbing structure and more.

Juanita Butler Community Center

The playground at Juanita Butler Community Center

Zip! Zip! Zip! That is what your kids will want to do when they arrive. With time, they will learn how to go faster on the zip line and will hurl themselves from one side to the other. Don’t worry! They can’t go very fast, and it is totally safe.

Once your kids are ready to look at the rest of the playground, they will really love the rope climbing structure. It is such a challenge to get to the top and so much fun. There are lots of balancing beams and steps. The monkey bars are high which makes them perfect for your bigger kids.

The full-size basketball court is covered and lit. Invite your friends and bring a basketball to have an exciting game day or night. Behind the basketball court, twelve swings will ensure your child gets all the swing time he or she desires.

climbing structure at Juanita Butler Community Center

My boys were so happy when they saw a Little Free Library! Bring a book or two to exchange with a new book to enjoy once you get home. My boys sat down right there to read theirs.

There are no benches and the entire playground is in the sun. If you are looking for a place to go on a cool day, this is your park. But, it it’s hot, bring a chair or two to sit under the trees beside the playground.

Hope you can get out to this new playground very soon! There is so much to enjoy.

Where you can find Juanita Butler Community Center

2 Burns Street, Greenville

Have you visited the new playground at Juanita Butler Community Center yet?

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