One of the Last Kazoo Factories in the Country is in Hilton Head, SC

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Need something to do on your next trip to Hilton Head? When I heard of a kazoo factory in Beaufort, SC, I had to go. I mean, who can say they’ve been on a tour of a kazoo factory? Me, that’s who. And it was so cool. I had no knowledge about the history of the kazoo nor that one of the only places in the entire country that make them is in South Carolina. Here’s all you need to know about Kazoobie Kazoos and why you need to visit this fun factory.

Kazoo injection molds

What’s a Kazoo?

A kazoo is a unique musical invention that kind of sounds like a duck, a ginormous bee, or an elephant sneezing, take your pick. It’s made up of only a few parts that come together quickly with the help of an air compressor machine. They come in lots of different colors and can even be custom colored and have a logo or name put on them.

Kazoos are made up of a long(ish) body and resonator where the air moves through to form the sounds. Some are really loud, as the tour guide will demonstrate during the tour. Everyone was laughing by the end of the demonstration because not only are kazoos fun but they sound silly.

Kazoobie Kazoos

There is nowhere else in the country that has the selection and variety of kazoos that Kazoobie Kazoos has and this factory is the only one in the United States that makes plastic kazoos. They create upwards of 5,000 kazoos per day and ship them all over the world.

There is a small museum area at the factory where there are kazoos from decades ago that guests can check out. I had no idea that the kazoo had such a storied history as a musical instrument. Guests learn about American history through the kazoos, which is pretty cool.

Kazoobie Kazoos have been making plastic kazoos since 1999 and they’ll make one for you at the end of the tour. May I suggest setting ground rules for your kids when they get their kazoo? As in, don’t use it in a small, enclosed space like a car.

Kazoo factory in Hilton Head, SC

Tour the Kazoo Factory

The Kazoo Factory hosts guided tours Monday through Friday at 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 2 pm and 3 pm. They include a video presentation on the history of the kazoo, a tour through the factory where you get to see where the magic of kazoo-making happens, and then a chance to make your own kazoo that you take home.

My two kids – ages 7 and 4 at the time of the tour – loved it. They got a kick out of the sounds the different kazoos make and liked seeing the behind-the-scenes of the factory. Making their own kazoo was their favorite part.

At the end of the tour after you make your own kazoo, you get to do a song with the guide and other tour guests. It’s hilarious, trust me.

Tours are $9/adult, $7/child ages 4-11, and free/kids 3 and under. Tours are around 45 minutes long and you are free to take photos. Free parking is available at the kazoo factory and restrooms are available on-site. There is also a gift shop where you can buy as many kazoos as you like.

Kazoobie Kazoos
12 John Gault Road, Beaufort, SC

Have you been to the kazoo factory yet?

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Scott Rivard
4 years ago

Great article!
As one who enjoys history here’s a little.
The first kazoo factory opened in 1909 in Eden, NY, but did not actually begin metal Kazoo production until 1916. One of the principals of the company designed / engineered the first kazoo.
Today the original factory is still open and still produces metal kazoos with the original machines. It is now run by a not-for-profit organization that provides meaningful employment for those with disabilities. In addition, a portion of the building houses a kazoo museum..

Sandra harley counts
4 years ago

Fantastic place way better than you would think it would be and a great rainy day Activity if you are on vacation in Hilton head, hunting Island or Fripp Island.