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Kid to Kid Greenville has KABOOM! Want to make a sustainable impact to your local community? Check out this 2023 KABOOM Awards Clothing Shops Finalist Winner!

For nearly 30 years, Kid to Kid has been paying families to recycle their kids’ stuff. Each year, Kid to Kid stores across the country buy and sell over 2 million items. Giving a new meaning to SHOP LOCAL, money goes back into the pockets of families in the community! Families are saving millions of dollars by shopping at Kid to Kid.

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Consume Less. Reuse More. Choose Used.

Did you know returning one clothing item back into the circular economy reduces its carbon footprint by 82%?! By consuming less, reusing more and choosing used, we can help give our children and their world a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

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That’s right! Any one of us can make an upcycling impact just by selling our current styles of outgrown kids clothing, shoes and toys.

How It Works

With high standards for condition and style, Kid to Kid buys first-rate, second hand items. When preparing items to sell, ask yourself, “Would my best friend want to buy this from me?” If the answer is yes, then Kid to Kid is the place to start your used, upcycling journey!

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  • Prep: Have a closet bursting with outgrown clothing? What about that toy chest with toys buried at the bottom? Sort through it all and choose what to sell. Kid to Kid pays cash for clothing (newborn-size 14), toys and equipment (think baby supplies!) that are clean and safe.
  • Store Dropoff: We buy 9am – 6pm Monday through Saturday. Stop by during our ‘buying hours’ and let us make an offer! Most buys take 15-45 minutes to complete so you can shop and sell at the same time.
  • Payout: After receiving an offer for the items Kid to Kid would like to purchase, you will have the option of choosing a cash offer or get paid 20% more by selecting the store credit option.
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KAG: What makes Kid to Kid (K2K) so special?
K2K: “Kid to Kid offers a variety of your favorite brands for up to 70% less than retail prices. Not only can you shop all clothing brands at one place, you can also shop for gently-used books, toys, shoes, and baby equipment. Plus, you can earn cash or store credit for your kids’ outgrown items! We also offer to donate the items that we cannot purchase from you to our partner, Miracle Hill. It is truly a one-stop shop!

KAG: What tips do you have for Kidding Around readers wanting to sell to you?
K2K: “Make sure to place your freshly-laundered items flat in a structured container such as a bin or a basket. We do not take anything in trash bags. Take your items off hangers and put outfit pieces together. We currently have a 2-bin limit on clothes, but we do not have a limit on shoes, toys or baby equipment. As for toys and baby equipment, please make sure that all the pieces are together, they are free-of-stains, and are in working condition.”

KAG: What do you love about interacting with local Greenville families?
K2K: “We love helping our local Greenville families save money on kids’ essential items! We also love being a part of the recycling effort for future generations. We have several regular customers and it is amazing to see how their kids grow from a newborn baby to big kid over the years!”

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Are you ready to make money, support your local community and reduce your carbon footprint?

Contact Kid to Kid Greenville

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1175 Woods Crossing Rd 7B, Greenville, SC 29607

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