Greenville Library’s Little Learners Club is Fun and Developmental for Kids 5 & Under

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If you are a parent of a child 0 to 5 years old, this story is for you. The Greenville Library System recently introduced the Little Learners Club, a program geared specifically towards kindergarten readiness – yes, even for the tiniest of kids. Local mom Kristina tells us all about it and how it will benefit your little ones!

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Partnering with Palmetto Basics, the Little Learners Club gives parents the tools they need to help their kids succeed and get ready for school. It is geared towards helping every kid, no matter their background or where they live, to have a solid foundation when they start school.

According to Palmetto Basics, “80% of brain development happens during the first three years of life”. It’s such a crucial time in a child’s life and by doing everyday things and intentionally moving towards that goal of kindergarten readiness.

Greenville Library System Little Learners Club

Five Areas of Learning

Little Learners Club encompasses five evidence-based areas of learning: Count, Group, and Compare, Explore through Movement and Play, Maximize Love, Manage Stress, Read and Discuss Stories, and Talk, Sing, and Point.

Each of these sections has 100 check boxes under it and gives parents ideas of things to do (many of which, I guarantee you, you already are doing). Once the child completes a section, they can come to the library and get a free Little Learners tote bag and a pin for that section. Once you complete each section, you can get a pin that goes on the tote bag.

By going through the Little Learners Club, kids will have read 600 books by the time they get to Kindergarten – remember, you have lots of time to do this!

Some of suggested ideas are to cuddle with your child and read a book or point out colors of everyday items and recite them with your child or take a walk with your child or play hide-and-seek. Many of the actions you do can count for multiple sections of the Little Learners Club as well.

Signing Up for Little Learners Club

To sign up, you can either download a Little Learners Club log or pick one up at your library. Then complete 100 activities with your child for each of the Palmetto Basics except Read and Discuss Stories:

Count, Group, and Compare
Explore through Movement and Play
Maximize Love, Manage Stress
Read and Discuss Stories
Talk, Sing, and Point

Once you complete 100 activities in a category, that’s when you can go to the library to get your tote bag and first pin. You earn pins by completing the other categories.

To learn more, visit the Little Learners Club website.

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