Adventure Unlike Any Other at Majestic Caverns in Childersburg, AL

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Are you thinking about a trip to Majestic Cavers in Childersburg, AL for a fun day with the family? We visited this family attraction and had a great day with lots of adventures! Here’s our review, what you can expect to do at Majestic Caverns, and why you should visit this cave just a little over four hours from Greenville and Upstate SC.

A Fun, Family Day

On a recent trip to Alabama, we wanted to find a fun family day outing that would keep our older children (age 11 and 14) entertained all day. We were looking for something that would not be in the direct sun, and that would be a unique destination with things we couldn’t find anywhere else. We ended up at Majestic Caverns (formerly Desoto Caverns) in Childersburg, Alabama, and had a day filled with fun activities and exploration, unlike any other adventure.

Fun family day at Majestic Caverns

What Can You Do at  Majestic Caverns?

Majestic Caverns (formerly Desoto Cavern) includes a privately owned campground, cavern, and entertainment zone with over 20 activities.

The Cavern

A short walk into Majestic Cavern takes you into the majestic Cathedral Room where the ceiling reaches a stunning 12 stories and houses the second-largest onyx-marble stalagmite/stalactite collection in the world. 

The tickets to the cavern include a guided tour where you will learn about the history and science of the cave and it culminates with a laser show in the cavern.

The initial path is wheelchair accessible and while there are portions of the tour that would require some walking, someone who could not walk could still see the Healing All Cathedral Room where the tour starts and ends.

The path is well lit but the cave is dim. At the very beginning, the tour starts with everyone sitting near a stage and all the lights are turned off to demonstrate full darkness. The lights are not left off for very long but it is completely dark which might scare some children.

For those that are claustrophobic, these cave rooms are fairly large and the only tighter section is one that can be easily skipped.

Our children’s favorite part was the laser show. They loved the water fountain and the beauty of the lasers against the cave walls.

If it’s hot (or cold) the cavern stays at a comfortable 60 degrees year-round.

Gem Mining at Majestic Cavern
Gem Mining at Majestic Caverns

The Entertainment Area

Outside of the cavern, families will find a gift shop, cafe, and over 20 attractions. You can either purchase tickets for the attractions or an all-inclusive pass.

Before heading to the attraction, we read several reviews online complaining that the activities weren’t open or were only for younger children. You may want to ask if the attractions were open before buying tickets but everything was open the day we were there. There were staff members manning multiple areas though so sometimes you did have to find a staff member to enjoy an attraction. We didn’t have any issues finding someone as needed.

Our kids were 11 and 14, so they are entering those early teen years where kids are harder to entertain. We spent the entire day at Majestic Caverns and they had a great time. In my opinion, the activities spanned a great age range and there was plenty to entertain teens and adults.

While it was very hot, most of the activities were in the shade and several activities included water.

Some of our favorite activities were:

Gemstone Panning

We are one of those families that usually skips the gemstone panning stations because it almost always costs extra. My kids were thrilled to find out that their all-inclusive tickets allowed gemstone panning as many times as they wanted to.

Crystal Mining

In the mining section, you can search the sand for hidden crystals that you can keep.

Beach Ball Blast

Enter a room filled with beach balls with a floor fan and hit the balls all around. Why are there not more of these?

Cave Crawl Box

You can enter a small hole in a box if you dare and then slither your way out (just like a cave).

My husband who wasn’t that far under the height and weight limit decided he was going to give it a try. I’ll admit I was nervous that he wasn’t going to make it out (and I think he had some doubts while he was in there), but he did survive. This is definitely not an activity for the claustrophobic or fearful.

Cave Crawl Box at Majestic Cavers
Cave Crawl Box

Cannon Wars

Enter a screened room with a bunch of small foam balls with cannons on each side and have fun pelting each other with balls. Protective eye equipment is available.

Water Balloon Battle

Fill up a bucket with water balloons (there is a self-fill station) and then oppose each other on opposite forts and see who can get the other side the wettest.

Squirt Gun Lost Trail Maze

Run around a wooden maze while trying to sneak up on each other with water guns.

Squirt Gun lost trail
Squirt Gun Lost Trail Maze

Other activities include an archery range, mini-golf, a foam pit, wall climbing, a splash pad, a small train, and more.

Archery at Majestic Cavern

More to Know: Plan Your Visit to Majestic Caverns

Lunch at Majestic Caverns

You can add a meal to your ticket for $12.89. The food wasn’t very exciting but it came with an insulated souvenir cup that could be filled unlimited times. This cup was actually a huge perk as we stayed for hours and it made it very easy to stay hydrated.

You could also pack a lunch as there are many picnic tables outside.

The Campground

Multiple levels of camping are available and the campground is within walking distance of the other attractions.


Parking is free and a short distance from the attractions.


We were lucky enough to end up at Majestic Caverns on a Monday when they were offering a Fun Day Monday special on all-inclusive tickets. You can either purchase tickets for the cavern, the outdoor activities, or both. The tickets are not cheap, but we personally did think that it was a good value as many of the activities were ones that are rarely included in all-inclusive tickets and our kids played all day.

Where to Stay Near Majestic Caverns

Find a place to stay near Majestic Caverns!

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