Blueberries are ripe and plentiful at Mixon Farm in Upstate, SC

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This small farm just outside Greenville, SC has amazing blueberries plus seasonal produce and is every bit as charming as expected in the South.

I’m always on the search for new and fun places to bring my kids and tell our readers about and had heard of Mixon Farm but had never been so I decided I must go before blueberry season ended. I had no idea just how charming this farm was till I got there!

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Blueberries at Mixon Farm

Old South Charm at Mixon Farm

As soon as you pull into the family-owned and operated Mixon Farm (thankfully you know you are at the right place by the big sign on the gate), you’ll see a beautiful house on a hill where the owners live that overlooks the big garden. Down just a little ways is the shed with produce out front and a lockbox where you can deposit cash for whatever you choose to purchase. I was immediately smitten because I don’t see that anywhere.

There was a handwritten sign on the shed that told people to come up to the house if they wanted freshly picked blueberries for $20/gallon. Adorable.

If you want do the u-pick berries, follow the signs.

Mixon Farm sign

Picking Blueberries

There are clear signs along a bumpy gravel path that winds its way to the back of the farm (I assume it’s the back, I was just following the signs!). All the signs tell you to keep going to get to the u-pick blueberry orchard so that’s what I did because I’m a rule follower.

You’ll drive past a squash patch and some other vegetable patches, past the bee hives, and then finally get to a table with another sign and lockbox. This table has gallon buckets and a sign that asks you to please pay for your blueberries here. It’s $12/gallon. They did say in 2023 they would take cash, cards, Venmo, PayPal and CashApp.

It’s pretty obvious from there where to park as there were other cars when we went but even if you’re alone, just park next to the blueberry trees. We stuck to the mowed rows of blueberry trees and had zero trouble finding lots of beautifully ripe blueberries. We met the owner as well, an older gentleman with a dog at his heels. He assured us we were at the right spot and gave us some helpful hints on where the best berries were to be found.

Picking blueberries at Mixon Farm

I was overly optimistic and grabbed two gallon buckets, one for each of my kids, to fill with berries. I soon found out that blueberry picking is nothing like strawberry or apple picking. It takes a loooooong time to fill a gallon bucket. We were probably there an hour (myself and two helpful kids) and didn’t even fill our gallon bucket to the top. We did have to sit in the car for a little while to wait out some passing rain but still, allow enough time to pick those berries.

Visiting Mixon Farm

Blueberry season starts June 30, 2023 and runs usually through August and is very weather-dependent, which means it is always best to check the Mixon Farm Facebook page before you go for the latest updates. If you want berries pre-picked, make sure to message them beforehand.

The farm is only open during blueberry season Monday – Saturday from 7 am – 7 pm and Sundays 1-7 pm.

Mixon Farm
12104 SC-101, Gray Court

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