Rent Musical Instruments for Your Student Near Greenville, SC

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Have you been searching for a place to rent instruments for your child? Whether your child is joining an ensemble at school or taking private lessons, renting is a great way to try an instrument. We have compiled a list of places that rent student instruments across the Upstate to help you in your search.

This article includes:
Reasons to Rent Vs. Buy
Where to Rent a Musical Instrument Near Greenville and Spartanburg, SC

Reasons to Rent an Instrument

Try it out! Renting an instrument at first is a great way to see if a child really has a passion for that musical instrument. It also helps them to figure out what features or style they want in the one they (or you) invest hard-earned money into.

Children Grow! Additionally, many instruments come in different sizes. As children grow, they’ll need to move up to larger-sized instruments. There’s no point investing huge amounts of money into an instrument they’ll outgrow 6 months from now.

Online Purchase Problems! Finally, there’s the eBay problem. Parents of new musicians may try to do some shopping online. Know that eBay and similar sites are not a great place to buy an instrument. The prices are often very appealing when compared to local shops. But, instruments often arrive in an unplayable condition. Teachers see incomplete instruments and items that are more toy than instruments when purchased from eBay and similar sources. Such things can create a lot of frustration for beginners just starting out on their instrument, or they can simply be a complete waste of money when you have to replace an unplayable purchase. If you really prefer to buy, please be sure to check with your child’s teacher. There are reputable online instrument stores where you can often get a little bargain and a quality instrument at the same time.

Places to Rent Instruments in Upstate, SC

There are several locations around the Upstate where you can not only rent instruments but get lessons and other services. 

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Featured: Bernhardt House of Violins
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Bernhardt House of Violins takes pride in providing their string customers with quality instruments, superior service, expert information, professional repair and restoration, and accurate appraisals. Their satisfaction comes through contributing to music education, supporting the performing arts, and personally fulfilling the needs of their customers.

5 Cateechee Avenue, Greenville SC 29605 | 864.282.8887


Guitar Center

1487 W.O. Ezell Boulevard, Spartanburg SC 29301

2463 Laurens Road, Greenville SC 29607

Guitar Center offers rental packages on guitars, basses, keyboards, and drum kits. They also offer all the necessary sound equipment needed for some of those instruments. Equipment availability varies, call to find out what each store has available. In addition to rentals and sales, they also provide repairs, stringed instrument maintenance, and instruction.

Lyman Music

200 Spartanburg Highway South, Lyman SC 29365

Lyman Music rents orchestral instruments. They also provide rentals on guitars, drums, and audio equipment, as well as repairs and instruction. 

Musical Innovations

150 Tanner Road, Greenville SC 29607

This store specializes in rental programs for students. They will help your child decide what instrument is best suited to their strengths and interests. They provide rentals on wind instruments, string instruments, and percussion, as well as instruction.  

Music & Arts

1025 Woodruff Road, Ste. 104, Greenville, SC 29607

1450 W. O Ezell Boulevard Suite 400, Spartanburg, SC 29301

Offering instrument repairs, rentals, and lessons, Music & Arts also has summer camps as well as open mic nights.

Pecknel Music

1312 N. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville SC 29607

Pecknel Music offers rentals on string instruments, wind instruments, and percussion as well as a rent-to-own program on new and used instruments. You can take lessons at the store and get repairs done also. 

Roper Music Store

551 E. Main Street, Spartanburg SC 29302

Roper Music offers rentals on wind, guitar, and percussion instruments. They also offer repairs and instruction. 

Are you a part of the music community?

For more lesson options, see our list of music ensembles and lessons near Greenville, SC.

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