Great Parks and Trails for Winter Hikes in Spartanburg, SC

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Thinking about a winter hike in Spartanburg, SC? Enjoy the South Carolina winter’s cooler temperatures and the great outdoors with a wintertime hike. There are several parks and trails perfect for cool weather hikes for the whole family near Spartanburg. Local mom Hope Evans compiled this list of family wintertime hiking spots near Spartanburg.

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Hiking in the winter might sound like a horrible idea due to the frigid temperatures, but it might actually be better! Fewer people, less chaos, different view, and the cold actually makes you lose weight. Just make sure you and the kiddos are wearing extra layers. You also need to make sure to bring plenty of snacks, water, a backpack, and or even a picnic lunch because you and the fam are bound to get hungry for lunch. If you’re up for a winter hike, be sure to check the following parks in Spartanburg off your bucket list!

Places to Hike in the Winter Near Spartanburg SC

Croft State Park

450 Croft State Park Rd Spartanburg, SC 29302
Only 5 miles from downtown Spartanburg, Croft State Park was once an army training base and covers more than 7,000 acres of rolling and wooded terrain. Some of the trails include the following:

  • Palmetto Trail: Croft Passage:  This 12.6-mile trail connects Spartanburg to the Glenn Springs area in southern Spartanburg County. This trail follows ridges for those who are adventurous, crosses brooks, and hugs portions of Kelsey Creek to the historic Cedar Springs area. The trail crosses Fairforest Creek, which is the longest footbridge in the SC Park Service. During the hike, patrons can look forward to seeing wildlife habitat, forests as well as old homesteads.
  • Nature Trail:  With only 1.5 miles to hike, during this trial, you will see plenty of mixed pine and hardwood trees as it winds along the rocky shoals of Fairforest Creek. During the trial, you will see remains of an old mill site along Fairforest Creek, and bridge crossing is also two historical points you’ll pass by. You may be in the presence of birds, deer, squirrels, and snakes!
  • Foster Mill: This 6.5-mile trail is a bit wide and is best suited for bikers, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting to view the beautiful landscape, lake, rolling pine hills, creek, as well as historical areas where you will find old trestle bridges and old cemetery sites! You will be able to see the natural resources that make Croft State Park.
Cottonwood Trail

Cottonwood Trail

Spartanburg, SC 29307
The Cottonwood trail runs through Edwin M. Griffin Preserve outside Spartanburg’s center and offers a path into a wooded landscape surrounding Lawson’s Fork Creek. Whether you utilize it for a running path or simply a hiking trail, it provides a convenient connection across residential areas on the city’s outskirts.

For those who aren’t looking for a long walk, there are also a variety of shorter trails throughout the preserve, which allow you to explore more of the natural environment. You may even find yourself face-to-face with wild turkeys or foxes, considering this trail is a breeding ground for local wildlife!  

Lastly, The Cottonwood Trail shapes an important part of the city’s trail network, The Daniel Morgan Trail System, aka “The Dan,” with connections planned and more trails, which are underway throughout the community.

Musgrove Mill

398 State Park Rd, Clinton, SC 29325
Musgrove Mill State Historic Site was The Battle of Musgrove Mill, which took place at this historic site on Aug.19, 1780. During the battle, 200 Patriot militiamen defeated a combined force of approximately 300 Loyalist militiamen and 200 provincial regulars. Not only do patrons get a chance to walk their trails, but they also get a little taste of history!

  • British Camp Trail:  This trail has a little bit of history and plenty of scenic views of the Enoree River, as well as plenty of opportunities to see wildlife – year-round! This site features ruins such as those from the Musgrove home, which was the location of the 18th-century ford that was crucial to the British. 
  • Battlefield Trail: Looking for a trail to bird watch, walk and hike? Not only is this trail 1.5 miles, but it also features beautiful wildflowers! It’s also paved and shaded with plenty of historical sites. This trail is perfect for bringing your children to because it’s easy, short, and they’ll learn a thing or two!

Glendale Shoals Preserve & Waterfalls

Emma Cudd Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29302
Maybe it’s too cold for a picnic, but with the unpredictable weather in SC, it might be the perfect opportunity to pack up some sammies to see some waterfalls! Glendale Shoals is a 13-acre natural area on a former mill site, has trails, a dam, a 1928 bridge! Even though you won’t see the beautiful flowers, that shouldn’t stop you from taking a quick hike. This place is both quiet, scenic and provides you with plenty of photo opportunities.

Upper Chinquapin Greenway

423 Graham Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29303
Not far from downtown Spartanburg, this greenway offers 1.6 miles of walking trails. Not only is it the home to a rare plant – the dwarf heartleaf – it also has a diverse stand of ferns and hardwoods! If you’re in the mood for a quiet walk in an urban setting that highlights Chinquapin Creek, you’ll love this Greenway!

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Where do you like to hike in cooler weather?

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