Tips for Picking Your Own Berries

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Looking for tips for berry picking with kids? It’s strawberry season in Greenville and picking your own berries can be a great family outing. Planning ahead is a great way to make sure that picking strawberries is fun (and not stressful). These tips from my own experience and our readers will help you have a great time in the berry patch!

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Tips for Picking Your Own Strawberries

Tip #1: It can get really hot in a strawberry patch. Pick in the early morning or early evening if possible, and be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat if you are picking in the heat of the day. Don’t forget to bring water!

Lisa says, “Hats and sunscreen, lots of water. Ain’t no shade at a berry farm.”

Tip #2: Be sure the kids use the bathroom before you leave the house.

Tindell says, “There are usually not close-by bathroom facilities when out in the field. Be prepared to “find a bush” while picking.”

Tip #3: Wear appropriate shoes and clothing. It’s a dirty job and there will likely be fire ant hills and other insects.

Susan says, “Wear rain boots if it has rained recently. And bring change of shoes and plastic bags for the dirty shoes. Also, if kids are 4 or older…you won’t be there long, or you will be purchasing LOTS of berries (they pick fast). Younger kids like to take a bite and then throw it in the basket…lol.”

Tip #4: Be respectful of the farm. Coach your kids on good behavior such as not stepping on plants and only picking what you plan to keep. Some farms may also ask that you not eat strawberries while picking.

Tip #5: Be cautious of pesticides, as Nichole Livengood of Gap Creek Gourmet (Greenville’s Foodie Blog) pointed out in our discussion, “Be careful at berry patches. Most places use tons of pesticides on strawberries. Take home and wash well. Buy organic when you can.”

Tip #6: Call ahead to be sure that the patch is still offering pick-your-own strawberries. The pick-your-own berry season is typically only at the peak of the season and can change depending on demand and the crop.

Lori says, “Bring your own bucket/basket, keep expectations low, bring cash (some take cards but the fee is 5-7 dollars), towels are always handy in case fields are muddy so you can wipe down shoes and feet before loading up to head out.”

Tip #7: Bring gallon baskets. Most patches ask that you only use approved gallon baskets or buckets. Usually you can reuse baskets from year to year from local patches. Plan on spending a little extra money on purchasing approved baskets if you don’t already own some.

And Jennie says, “Wear a red shirt when picking strawberries and a blue one when picking blueberries!”

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