Pinckney-Fludd Park Has a Climbing Structure Your Kids will Love

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Are you looking for a new park to explore in downtown? KAG contributor and local mom, Deborah, has the scoop on Pinkney Fludd Park and some other exciting ways to enjoy your time downtown. Pinckney Fludd Park offers a fun playground, climbing structure and more, all within a short walk of Heritage Green.

What you’ll find at Pinckney-Fludd Park

The small neighborhood park of Pinckney Fludd is on Pinckney Street just up from the beautiful, historic district of Hampton-Pinckney. The first house in this district was built by William Pinckney McBee, Vardry McBee’s son, before the Civil War, so you can expect mature trees and a wide street in a quiet neighborhood.

Just three minutes away from Heritage Green, this park makes the perfect addition to a day at the Children’s Museum or the Hughes Main Library!

Parking for the Pickney Fludd Park is conveniently located on Pinckney Street right in front of the gate. The park is fully enclosed and includes a basketball net as well as a picnic table and shaded bench. The new playground equipment did not disappoint!

My boys loved trying to climb across the playground without ever touching the ground. They even made it a race by timing themselves. As your children tryout the playground’s climbing structures, they will build confidence, determination, and important motor skills.

The go-round was a highlight to the playground. You can safely spin around in it very quickly, and even when you stop pushing it, it will continue to turn around slowly when children are in it. My son was super excited when he noticed the “space ship.” He called it this because of the clear dome at the top of the slide. These kinds of features really ignite the imagination of a child!

Pinckney Fludd park in downtown Greenville

More to do after you visit the park

After the playground, we decided to drive down to the Greenville Train Station and were thrilled to watch a long train pulling all sorts of military vehicles! Trains and tanks – how can you go wrong!

Last, but not least, this park is only a block from two trolley stops on the Arts West line, or green line. Catch a free ride downtown to the farmer’s market from 10 am – 2 pm on Saturdays.

Or, enjoy our exciting downtown Thursday through Sunday evenings. Be sure to download the Trolley Tracker app so you know exactly when the next trolley will arrive.

Grab a basketball and bring your entire family out for a fun day or evening together!

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Deborah Pope is a music teacher who loves to have adventures with her husband and three boys. They love hiking, biking, going to playgrounds, and walking in gardens. They make fun wherever they go!

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