Your Kids will Love this Shaded Playground on a Hot Summer Day

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Too hot for your favorite park? How about trying a park with a playground shaded by tall trees? Pittman Park is one of KAG Contributor Lindy Wilson’s favorites! It offers a shaded playground, walking trail, space to roam and more!

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About Pittman Park

Pittman Park is located off of Blacks Road, which runs from Pelham Road to Roper Mountain Road. This makes it a very convenient stop when running errands in that area or Woodruff Road, as well as close to the 385 and 85. It also is near the Pelham Road branch of the library. The location makes Pittman Park the perfect park to stop by on a hot summer day!

The playground at Pittman Park

If your kids need space to run, they’ll love Pittman Park as it offers many fields and is great for soccer. Or bring your child’s bike and circle the fields on the paved trail. It’s the perfect spot to burn some energy between errands!

The playground is a bit old school with a tall metal design, but it is fun. There are lots of slides including smaller ones you can assist an older baby down. There is no toddler playground, however there are toddler swings as well as standard ones. The ground is covered with wood chips which are much less messy than the sand found at some playgrounds.

Pittman Park tends to be a good warm weather park as there is plenty of shade thanks to the trees surrounding the park. The ice cream truck even stops by occasionally. You’ll find various benches for sitting or even having a picnic. While there are no reservations for use, it’s a popular spot for birthday parties. (See our list of Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas in Greenville for even more suggestions.)

Pittman Park shaded playground in Greenville

Other amenities at Pittman Park

The bathroom is relatively close but it’s up the hill so it can be a little trek from the play area. Keep that in mind if you have newly potty trained toddlers. You’ll also find water fountains next to the bathrooms.

Pittman Park can be busy as there are several soccer fields. However it’s so big that crowding is almost never an issue. The parking lot is pretty unique in that it’s oriented longways so there’s many spots right along the grass/sidewalk. Which is nice because kids can jump out of the car and hit the park without crossing through the parking lot.

The fact that the park is downhill of the parking lot also means it’s harder for kids to run off. The landscaping retaining wall also helps as does the more open playground design. I can usually spot my kids without running around to see past walls. This puts my mind at ease while allowing my kids to freely explore.

Overall, Pittman is a great park. Fun playground, nice trail, lots of grassy fields and some nice places to sit in the shade all make it a winner in our book. We hope you enjoy it too!

soccer fields walking trail at Pittman Park

Visit Pittman Park

Pittman Park
420 Blacks Road, Greenville

What do you and your kids love the most about Pittman Park?

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