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Winchester Creek Farm: Meet Alpacas and Feed Mini-Horses at This Farm

Love alpacas and mini-animals? Take a trip to Winchester Creek Farm in Waynesville, NC for a fun day trip with your family! Media tickets were provided for this review, which was updated in December 2022. The drive up to Winchester Creek Farm in Waynesville, NC is probably worth the trip alone. The beautiful scenery of […]

Date Night Guide

The Ultimate Date Night Guide: Plan the Perfect Greenville, SC Date Night

Are you planning a date night with your significant other in Greenville? Looking for some ideas for a special birthday or Valentine’s Day in Greenville? Whether you’re planning a date night for a special day or just want to go out for an evening away from the kids, Kidding Around can help with some great date ideas & reader recommendations.

Things to Do Outdoors Near Greenville, SC

34 Super Fun Outdoor Things to Do: Greenville, SC

Looking for some fun activities to do outside and get some Vitamin D and fresh air? We get it. It’s good to get outside. It makes everyone happier. We’ve compiled a giant list, organized seasonally, of all the things you can do outside in the Greenville and Spartanburg areas. Make some memories with your family and spend some time outside together—no matter the season.

10+ Delicious Farm-to-Table Restaurants: Greenville, SC Eats Local

Planning a dinner out in Greenville or somewhere nearby in the Upstate? If you’re tired of the usual chains, the area has a lot of local restaurants to try. There are so many, in fact, that making a choice can be a bit overwhelming. Local mom, Hope has compiled this list of Upstate restaurants that source their ingredients locally.

Why You Will Love Moving to Greenville, SC

Are you thinking about a move to Greenville, SC? Or maybe you’re already planning to relocate to Greenville. With many big companies and manufacturing facilities nearby, Greenville is growing fast! And there are lots of reasons to love living in Greenville. Just in case think you’ve “heard it all,” Kidding Around owner and Editor-in-Chief Bethany put together this article that tells readers all the reasons why people love living in Greenville so much.

The Best Towns to Live Near Greenville, SC in 2023

Greenville is beautiful, family-friendly, and has topped lists all over the country as one of the best places to live. People are taking notice. Greenville was named as the fourth-fastest growing city in 2017 at nearly six percent. Take a look at any Greenville Facebook group and families are asking members where is the best place in the area to move, where the best schools are located, and a host of other questions.

hiking with kids

10 Things You Need When Hiking with Kids

If you’re out hiking with kids anywhere in the Upstate, SC – or anywhere actually – we’ve got a list of 10 things you may want to consider carrying with you.

Moving truck outside a house

10 Tips to Make your Dreams of a BIG Move a Reality

Ready to relocate to the Upstate? Greenville and its surrounding areas draw new residents from across the US. In this guest post from REALTOR® Elizabeth Faulkner (partner), she taps into her knowledge, skills, and experiences and offers expert tips and ideas for how to make that big move a reality!

Where to Find (or Donate) a Free Prom Dress in Greenville, SC

Do you know someone planning to attend prom this spring? Prom season is coming up but for some girls, while the prospect of going to the prom would be great, affording a dress is a challenge. The good news is that there is a fairy godmother-like organization in our area that is willing and ready to help out these would-be princesses for their big night.