School Decisions: In-person or Virtual Public School, Private School or Homeschool?

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Trying to decide the best education option for your kids in Greenville, SC? Back to school season comes with some serious decision-making for Upstate parents. In this guide, you’ll find information on the educational options available to Upstate parents. Have more questions? Let us know and we’ll try to find the answers.

This article includes:
Information on Greenville County Schools
Information on Private Schools
Information on Homeschooling
Information on Virtual Charter Schools

Greenville County Schools

Guide to Greenville County Schools: If your child is attending a Greenville County School this year, you’ll find everything you need in our guide. We have information to help you navigate GCS Backpack, as well as school calendars, menus, registration information and how to find your school.

Private Schools

Private School Guide to Greenville: Thinking about private school for the 2020/2021 school year? Here’s our list of local private schools, plus the grades and programs they offer.


Many parents are considering homeschooling as an alternative to public school. If you choose to homeschool, you must register legally as a homeschooler.

Homeschool Guide to Greenville, SC: We have listed area co-ops, options 3 associations, helpful resources, and lots of class, activity and field trip opportunities for homeschoolers in the Upstate, SC area.

Getting Started Homeschooling in SC: FAQ: Have questions about getting started homeschooling? Here are some frequently asked questions, with answers from Dianna Broughton, Director of Carolina Homeschooler.

How to Start Homeschooling in South Carolina: Q&A with video: Our homeschool mom panel discusses reader-submitted questions about homeschooling. This article also discusses online charter schools, choosing curriculums, and considerations for those bringing their children out of public school to homeschool in the short-term.

Virtual Charter Schools

There are two virtual charter schools in the Upstate, SC Connections Academy and Cyber Academy of South Carolina (also known as K12). These two options are public schools and are free.

We have information on virtual charter schools in our homeschool article. Virtual charter schools are not homeschooling and are most similar to the virtual school option offered by Greenville County Schools.

What are your school plans for your family this fall?

About the Author
Maria Bassett is a former school orchestra teacher, turned homeschool mom. She and her husband homeschool their 3 sons and 1 daughter, who range from 4th grade through 9th grade. Believing children learn best when they are engaged and having fun, this family loves to take their homeschool on the road, around Greenville and beyond.

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