Homeschool Skate at Roller Sports in Taylors, SC is the Jam

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Homeschool Skate at Roller Sports in Taylors, SC happens every Third Friday of the month September-May and it’s a blast for both parents and kids!

The minute I pulled into the packed parking lot at Roller Sports in Taylors, SC for their Homeschool Skate I knew I had stumbled upon some true homeschool thing in the area. I had to park on the grass in the back of the building. What was so cool about this event? I was about to find out. 

Skating at Roller Sports in Taylors, SC

Homeschool Skate

Every third Friday from September-May, lots and lots of homeschool families head to Roller Sports after lunch, rent old school, yet comfortable, roller skates, and jam out to the Christian music pumping into the rink. I had known about this event but hadn’t ever been till I put it on my calendar and decided I needed to head back to the 90s and go roller skating. 

My honest and upfront opinion: it was awesome. 

While the parking lot was packed, there was plenty of room inside as the rink is huge. There are booths and sitting areas indoors where parents who don’t want to skate (or can’t seem to stand up on roller skates, no judgment here) can sit and watch their kids. Or they hang out next to the rink, talk to friends, and take videos of their own kids tearing up the rink. 

Speaking of kids tearing up the rink, every single kid there was respectful of others. My kids are still learning to skate and are therefore pretty slow but even the most awesome of skaters never hit them while speeding by. I was worried when I saw the really good kids zooming around the rink but they were all nice and while there could have been collisions, I didn’t see any. Of course, kids were falling all over the place because roller skating isn’t exactly easy – and other kids were helping them up. It was nice to see. 

Racing and Music 

During Homeschool Skate, there is a brief session for racing, which was a blast to watch. They race around the rink by age group and again, the kids are respectful of each other and no one slid or crashed into anyone else. I was thinking I need to get one of the winners to teach my kids how to skate!

They also play upbeat Christian music the whole time. I liked that part since I didn’t need to worry about what my kids may hear. It was pretty good music!

There were kids of all ages as well and several of us parents who got on the rink with our kids and tried not to topple over. It’s a great workout actually, especially when you’re using all your muscles to hold both yourself and your kid up!

The roller skating rink at Roller Sports

There is a concession bar so you can easily grab drinks and snacks for hungry skaters. And your kids can make new friends and hang out with kids they already know. I ran into a bunch of people I knew and it was great to see them and for my kids to skate with their kids. 

Growing up, I did not like roller skating. I thought the rinks were dirty and gross and just didn’t like it. But this rink, while some aspects (like the carpet) were older and may have smelled a bit like shoes that needed washing, it wasn’t dirty at all. The rink is big and spotless and I didn’t see trash anywhere. The restrooms were clean also.  The skates weren’t falling apart and were quite comfortable.

The staff was kind and helpful. The guy trading out our shoes for skates was super fast and helped get us the correct sizes. The announcer was great as well, telling everyone when the races were and when the session was ending. 

Going to Homeschool Skate

Homeschool skate happens every third Friday of the month September-May from 1-3 pm and costs $4 per person, which includes skate rentals. You are allowed to bring your own skates if you want. You don’t need to sign up ahead of time. Just show up and have fun. Their calendar of events is a helpful reference.

Roller Sports also hosts other themed nights, parties, scouts, and school groups. They are located near the library in Taylors. 

Roller Sports
328 W. Main Street Taylors

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