Check Out Exotic Animals at Safe Haven Educational Adventures This Halloween

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Enjoy spending time with all kinds of critters and animals? There’s a fall festival coming up that you may not have heard about hosted by Safe Haven & Educational Adventures. Check out the animals that this unique rescue group houses and learn about their mission!

As children, most of us heard the urban legend of the kid who flushed the alligator down the toilet, which resulted in a colossal reptile roaming the sewer system. But what if there was an alligator that needed re-homing? What if that kid thought he was getting a lizard and found out too late that his new pet was not what it seemed?

This story sounds crazy. It did happen, though; fortunately, there was a place to help the kid and his alligator, and no one was banished to the sewers!

Safe Haven’s Rescue Work

So often, people think that an exotic animal will make a fabulous pet, and they’ll have this fantastic companion that no one else has. Only they don’t realize that part of the reason that no one else has a pet like that is because of the care that they require. By the time they come to terms with the reality that exotic pet ownership is more than they can handle, the creature has suffered for it.

Safe Haven is an exotic animal rescue in Greenville that provides a permanent home to animals that can no longer be cared for by their owners.  Regardless of how they wind up there, animals not only gain a forever home with quality care, they also get to help educate the public.

They rescue animals like Luke. I know saying that an alligator is cute sounds weird. Trust me; I’m questioning it right now as I say it. But if there has ever been a cute alligator, it’s Luke. This little guy is an American Alligator and just under three feet in length.

But here’s the crazy part, he’s nine years old. When his original owners came into possession of him, they thought he was a lizard. The problem is, lizards and alligators have two completely different sets of needs. Lizards need a dry, hot environment and eat a primarily plant-based diet. Alligators need a moist environment and eat a carnivorous diet. Unfortunately, the damage had been done when the mistaken identity had been discovered, and Luke’s growth was permanently stunted. He was lucky to find his way to the folks at Safe Haven when a shocked veterinarian contacted them.

Meet the Animals at Safe Haven

Now Luke is healthy and the star of the mobile educational unit the rescue offers. To bring awareness to the Upstate, Safe Haven has a mobile unit they call “Educational Adventures.” They will come out and bring animals to your scout meeting, church program, school event, and even a birthday party. Safe Haven isn’t open to the public typically, so this is one of the only ways to get up close and personal with the animals in their care.

The other two ways to see the animals at Safe Haven are by volunteering and attending their annual fall open house event. So if you’re looking for a unique way to earn service hours for school or scouts, consider volunteering. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way because you’d be helping rescue animals and learning about how to care for them.

The Annual Fall Festival at Safe Haven

If you would like to check out the residents at Safe Haven, October 22nd, 2022 is your chance. The annual fall festival is free to attend and is a neat way to see a bunch of animals without going to the zoo. Safe Haven has provided homes for some of the animals, including chinchillas, owls, snakes, tortoises, coyotes, and more. Plus, you’ll get to see Luke, the cute alligator!

If you purchase a wristband for $5, you’ll be able to touch and interact with some of the animals. In addition, there will be food vendors, activities, and more.

To find Safe Haven, take 183 into Easley. Turn onto Thomas Mill Road by the Spinx Station and follow the signs to Safe Haven. The festival is from 11 am – 5 pm.

Safe Haven & Educational Adventures, Inc

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