My Kids Loved the Brand New Playground at Staunton Bridge Park

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Have you been looking for a new playground? Local mom Deborah Pope discovered Staunton Bridge Park recently and she says it’s definitely worth a visit. Read her review for tips on when to visit and what to expect.

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We are always searching for new things to do. So, when I read there was a new playground just 5 miles southwest of Greenville, we immediately jumped in the car to go on our new adventure!

Discover Staunton Bridge Park

Staunton Bridge Community Center built an amazing playground behind the center. You can’t see it from the road. When you arrive, drive up to the center and take the road on the left around the building.

You will discover a bright orange and blue playground filled with things to climb and find as well as lots of blue slides and a large swing set. My boys were ecstatic and we played for an hour and a half. Greenville Rec was there tending the large green space behind the playground which could be a great place for playing catch.

There is no shade, so come early in the day. Bring water and put on your sunscreen. There are restrooms and a water fountain inside the center, but we had to walk around to the front doors to get in. There were a couple of benches around the playground but no picnic tables.

This playground is also on Greenville’s Park Hop. Add this playground to your sunny day activities this summer. And, stop by QT on your way home for some huge, $.49 ice cream cones!

Staunton Bridge Community Center playground

Staunton Bridge Community Center
165 Staunton Bridge Road, Greenville

Have you taken your kids to check out the new playground at the Staunton Bridge Community Center yet?

About the Author
Deborah Pope is a music teacher who loves to have adventures with her husband and three boys. They love hiking, biking, going to playgrounds, and walking in gardens. They make fun wherever they go!

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