Stewart Park in Spartanburg Has a Fun Playground and Splash Pad

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Ever been to Stewart Park in Spartanburg? If you’re looking for new parks to explore in the Upstate, this is one to put on your list. I recently visited a new-to-me park, Stewart Park, and I have everything parents need to know! This Eastside Spartanburg park offers both a fun playground and a splash pad.

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Stewart Park in eastside Spartanburg County

Where is Stewart Park?

Stewart Park is located around the corner from the iconic Beacon Restaurant on Beacon Street in the Highland area of town. Since it is nestled in an area with houses and apartments, it is possible not even to know it is back there.

What you will find at Stewart Park

Stewart Park is a wonderful product of City of Spartanburg Parks and Recreation. The city renovated this park in 2012, and now our children get to reap the benefits! The park has a great playground, as well as a swing set with baby swings, and a splash pad! Given that I visited during one of the hottest days of the summer, I was thrilled to see the splash pad was up and working.

Additionally, this park is home to a baseball field, basketball courts, a paved walking trail, and a covered picnic pavilion. When we checked out this park, every area was in use by someone, which showed us this local park is well-loved by the community.

basketball courts at Stewart Park in Spartanburg Country

What parents need to know about Stewart Park

We visited Stewart Park on a very hot Tuesday afternoon around 4:00 pm, and it was packed! There were tons of children playing on the playground and enjoying the splash pad. However, there is plenty of room, so no one was running into one another. With its location, many locals simply walk to the park, so I imagine this is why it appeared to be busier than other parks we have visited.

The park does not have an actual restroom facility, but it does have portable toilets (aka porta-potties). Fortunately, they are located pretty close to the playground, so if your kid has a potty emergency, you can get there quickly. But, you will not find a diaper changing area.

The playground area of the park is not fenced in, and the park does lie between two streets. However, the actual playground is located at the bottom of steep hill, so little ones are still protected from running from the playground to the street.

On our visit, my kids who are 4 and 7 years old fit right in with the ages of the kids playing. Plus, there were older kids (pre-teens and teenagers) hanging out at the basketball court and walking the paved track. The park serves all ages.

The most exciting feature is definitely the splash pad! The splash pad is activated by the touch of a button. You may have to wait a minute or two for the water to come up after you push it, but once it does, the kids will have a blast! The splash pad is a great feature, especially because Stewart Park is not a shaded park. If you want shade, you will have to sit at the pavilion (which does border the playground).

splash pad at Stewart Park in Spartanburg

Plan a trip  to Stewart Park

Stewart Park
Beacon St, Spartanburg
Visit the Stewart Park website.

Splash Pad is open Memorial Day through Labor Day (8 am – 7 pm)

We list additional parks with splash pads on our list of splash pads & water parks near Spartanburg.

Have you taken your kids to Stewart Park yet? What other parks in Spartanburg should parents know about? Let us know in the comments!

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