STRIDES Systematic Tutoring’s Unique Approach Offers Accessible Tutoring in Greenville, SC

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Who is STRIDES Systematic Tutoring?

Among the many local tutoring programs, STRIDES Systematic Tutoring stands out as a reliable and empowering resource for students failing due to low basic skills. After two decades in the Upstate, documentation shows progress of one grade level every six weeks in reading or math. STRIDES welcomes learners reading below second grade level, but it does take longer to instill the basics. All students must attend two hours weekly to make this progress.

STRIDES Tutoring offers an extremely focused educational program to students ages 6-20. A key feature of this Upstate nonprofit is precise measurement of progress. This begins with an hour-long evaluation by Dr. Everett, who writes a specific plan to move that student forward. The tutor follows that plan to move the student quickly to grade level. Most students achieve their goal in 3-6 months, but students with special needs or non-native English speakers take longer.

How It Works

A major part of reaching goals at STRIDES is the team of experienced instructors able to teach “out of the box.” These tutors care deeply about each student and have a passion for helping them succeed academically. All lessons are one-on-one, usually face-to-face, at one of seven Upstate locations.  Parents also have the option of online lessons, where students make the same progress as in-person learners. Parents of high schoolers often choose online lessons to make good use of time for busy teens. 

Strides 2023

Another important aspect is flexibility in scheduling. STRIDES instructors are available year-round, often through holidays and vacations. Parents can choose tutoring sessions that fit busy schedules, and it is easy to accommodate vacations in the summer.

Furthermore, STRIDES is affordable for a wide range of students, some of whom may need the Scholarship Fund.

One unique aspect of STRIDES is the empowerment of students. Instructors foster a positive learning environment where students feel confident and motivated. These tutors provide academic support, but also mentoring, benefiting students beyond their academic pursuits. 

In conclusion, STRIDES Systematic Tutoring is the answer to students struggling in reading or math. Tutors create a positive learning environment for learners who have never experienced success. With its focus on empowering students and providing personalized instruction, STRIDES is a valuable resource for students seeking academic support. They are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals and to thrive in their educational journey.

KAG: What makes STRIDES stand out from other tutoring programs?
STRIDES: “The key difference between STRIDES and other programs is that we are not a “homework club.” While “the next report card” may be a great concern to the parent, we take the long view: strong reading and math bolster every grade, and into adulthood.”

“Our students work with us for 3-6 months, then move on to build a strong academic future for themselves. Students who complete our program, go on to become doctors, lawyers, barbers, and professionals in sports. They win scholarships at college, and feel confident in their adult lives. STRIDES has many other strengths: our dedicated and caring tutors, careful oversight by a Ph.D. in Special Education, a unique program that meets special needs, seven locations across the Upstate. But putting a child on grade level is life-changing. As our tagline says, “We Solve Learning Problems!””

KAG: Why are Greenville families so special?
STRIDES: “Greenville families will go to any lengths to make their kids successful. They really LOVE their children.  At STRIDES, it is a joy to partner with these dedicated parents who are determined to provide a better life for their child–better than the one the parents have had.  It is truly heart-warming to see an exhausted single mom bring her child after work week after week, to see that child succeed.”

KAG: What is something you would tell a parent considering tutoring for their child?
STRIDES: “Although success is important in every grade, there are a few critical points, from a tutoring aspect. The key grades seem to begin with solid reading in 1st and 2nd grade. Then confident reading and math in 5th, before entering middle school. Finally, strong reading and math as an 8th grader faces high school. However, it is never too late to recover skills. We sometimes have teens reading in early elementary grades. At STRIDES we are confident we can make a difference for those students.”

Contact STRIDES Systematic Tutoring

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