Summer Jobs for Teens: Greenville SC

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Are you looking for summer jobs for teens? Greenville, SC has dozens of options! We have tips for teens from a fellow teen about finding a summer job, plus a list of local businesses looking to hire teens for summer jobs in Greenville and the Upstate.

Summer jobs for teenagers near Greenville, South Carolina

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As a teen living in the Upstate, after trying to fill my summer with activities that prevent the dreaded boredom, I’ve come to the conclusion that getting a summer job, volunteering somewhere, or even trying out an internship at a company are the perfect ways to earn a little extra cash and be productive with your time. Here’s some advice for teens in Greenville about why, how, and where you should apply for a summer job.

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Why get a summer job

I’ve worked as a babysitter and a restaurant employee for the past few summers. Most of my earnings go to my college fund. Hopefully, student loan debt will be lighter and the connections I’ve made will turn into helpful references when I apply for a more career-driven job.

Teens: How to apply for a summer job

In my experience, the best way to apply for a job that you want is to ask the employer! Walking up to a future manager or supervisor and asking for an application in person will help them remember your face and give them insight into your personality before your first interview. Plus, you’ll know right away if they’re hiring and how the application process works. Plus, most people apply online, so seeing your face and learning your name will make you more memorable! Later on, I’ll provide some online options for job applications, but the age-old concept of personal contact is the best advice I can give.

When you apply, make sure you answer all questions honestly while still giving the best version of yourself. Advertise your flexibility and be specific with the times of availability you write down. Dress nicely when you go to apply in case your future manager is present and decides to interview you on the spot (first impressions are so important!). This was the case, with my first interview at my first summer job. If they play the “we’ll be in touch” card, be persistent in your contact with the employer. Making sure to call and follow-up to get an update on the status of my application was how I got my first job offer.

If you’re leaning towards taking the online route, visit or Make sure your resume is well thought out so you can stand out among the sea of online applicants. These websites show you which places are hiring, send you emails when a new job appears near you, and send your resume to potential employers. Both sites have high ratings.

Keep an eye out for job fairs in the Upstate too! Some tech colleges, such as Greenville Tech, host job fairs in Greenville. There are advertisements for career opportunities on Greenville Tech’s website, though these offers usually require experience or plan to further your education in the field.

Getting Volunteer Hours

There are lots of different community projects going on, lots of places to give up your time, and people who would be grateful to have you! To search for volunteering opportunities, as a teenager you have the opportunity to join school clubs and services that can plug you into your community. Beta Club and The National Honor Society are great places to start, and if your school doesn’t have either of these, keep a lookout for posters, flyers, or advertisements posted on community boards in restaurants, libraries, and online.

Greenville is the hub for many festivals downtown throughout the year and they are always looking for volunteers. As someone who volunteers somewhere every week, I can tell you that giving up my time for the benefit of others is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your summer. It’s important to serve a cause that you’re passionate about.

Summer Jobs for Teens

Not sure where to look for that summer job? No matter where you live, these types of businesses frequently hire teens for summer employment.

Lifeguard/Swim Instructors

You’ll need training and certification, but both of those can be obtained before you start.

Ice Cream

Employers in the ice cream industry are looking for teen employees, especially during the summers. Here are several in the Upstate that hire teens:

Service Industry, Grocery Stores, and Department Stores

Jobs in the service industry are usually in high demand and lots of teens start their careers in grocery stores or department stores.

Unique Jobs for Teens: Greenville, SC

There are usually some cool jobs out there for teens to try out!

Fun in the Sun: Outdoor Jobs for Teens: Greenville, SC

There are lots of great jobs available if you love the outdoors and want to spend time in the great outdoors over the summer. These are a few places that are hiring but you can also use Google to search for something like “seasonal outdoor jobs” in your town.

Start Your Own Business

Don’t forget about babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking, and yard work. These may sound like regular teen jobs, but if you gather enough “clients,” it could keep you busy and cover your expenses for the whole summer! Write up a description of your skills and experience, ask your parent or guardian to post your ad on your neighborhood’s Facebook Page, the online neighborhood community site Nextdoor (your parent has to be registered),, or the trusty neighborhood community newsletter.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of opportunities to make your summer the best one yet. There’s a company or cause that needs a hard-working employee as much as you need a job, so all you have to do is apply and put your best foot forward! Best of luck to you as you embark on your job search in Greenville!

What’s your strategy to finding the perfect summer job?

Activities for Teens Near Me: Greenville, SC

Check out our Ultimate Guide for Teens in Greenville, SC, with ideas for things to do, volunteer opportunities, outdoor fun, and so much more!

About the Author
Brylan Hoxworth is a dual-enrolled college student at one of our local Greenville charter high schools. She loves the arts, especially creative writing and hopes to pursue a User Experience Design Degree in the future. She was born and raised in Greenville where she lives with her family. She enjoys spending time with her friends, painting and writing.

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Ami Shortall
6 years ago

Great article Brylan!!

Michael Causey
6 years ago

Wow, this is a really good article! I was wanting to know how you got these great ideas for places to work, especially the lifeguard, ice cream station, and regal movie job ideas because those sound like so much fun! Do you know anyone that are doing these things because I might want to contact them and get more information about it.

6 years ago
Reply to  Michael Causey

Hi Michael- We do our research, ask our readers, and reach out to local businesses.

Delaney Dunham
6 years ago

Bry I’m so proud of you and this article! Watching you do what you love and getting opportunities like this to write makes me so happy!!! I love you girl! (also hopefully you’ll spend some of your summer with me!:))

M. A. J.
6 years ago

Great article!

One thing I’d like to point out for anyone who was getting any ideas from the article, but unfortunately, Sweet Frog is no longer in business in the Greenville area.

5 years ago

Great job Brylan!
I have an upcoming youth Life Skills and Job Program coming on Saturday, February 23 at Mauldin United Methodist Church. We will feature programming on Life Skills and how they relate to finding a job. There will be local companies who are hiring and attendees will have an opportunity to meet them, for potential interviews. The program will be from 10-2. I’ll have more details soon on how to sign up.
Bill Vicary
Life Skills U