Your Kids will Love Sunset Park & Miracle League Playground in Mauldin

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Sunset Park in Mauldin, SC is a popular family destination for play, holiday events, and more! They have multiple sports fields and courts plus two playgrounds, including an inclusive one your kids are sure to love! Ready the KAG complete review and plan your own trip soon.

When I decided to review Sunset Park, I didn’t realize I had been there before! This is the fun park I found at one of the first Easter Egg Drop events we went to when we first moved to Greenville. My first tip, therefore, is to check out local city park calendars for events (often cross-posted on KAG) because here in the Upstate, there’s always something happening. I vividly remember not only enjoying the Egg Drop but being delighted by the massive grounds and fun playground.

My 2nd Trip to Sunset Park

Sunset Park is a little tucked away but not too hard to find. You can find it at 211 Fowler Circle in Mauldin (though it has a Greenville address). It has about every sports field imaginable- multiple baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts/half courts, and so forth. If you swing all the way to the back, there is a older playground with some slides and monkey bars (a rarity!) among other equipment. There is also a trail for you hikers.

Sunset Park Mauldin

Plus Something You Don’t Find at Other Parks

My main focus however was the Miracle League playground. It is an all-accessible playground, the first in the area. This includes large full-seat swings and a ramp for the main playground structure along with our favorite, a bowl-shaped merry-go-round. (See our Kidding Around Greenville list of all accessible playgrounds).

The ground is made of rubber padding. This came in handy when my four-year-old took a huge spill yet didn’t even have a single bruise or scrape! I am still shocked! (See our Kidding Around Greenville list of playgrounds with rubber padding).

Sunset Park in Mauldin

This playground is also fenced. (See our Kidding Around Greenville list of playgrounds that are fenced in). So petite runaways can only go so far, just make sure to watch the front entrance. There are parking spaces right nearby making it easy to pull up and play! I also found that it had a more open design, great for not losing sight of littles behind large structures.

The little music/sensory wall is fun for the tiniest of toddlers to even big kids and adults. We didn’t play on it, but there’s also a “car wash” roller line you can play pretend on! It also has rotating poles you can spin on. There is even a teeter-totter with BENCHES right off the main structure that’s perfect for kicking back while still supervising the kids.

I was absolutely enchanted by this playground and larger park. I hope you all get a chance to check it out soon. It would be wonderful to see more parks like this in the Upstate for all kids, of all abilities.

Plan a trip to Sunset Park

211 Fowler Circle, Greenville
Sunset Park

Have you taken your kids to Sunset Park yet?

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