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Looking for a way to boost confidence, relieve stress, and/or rehabilitate injuries? Maybe you’re looking for an activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone in your family? Swimming may be the answer! The YMCA of Greenville offers year-round swimming opportunities at four locations in Greenville County and is waiving joining fees throughout the month of October. In this special guest article from Sean Van Velsor, Aquatics Director at the Caine Halter Family YMCA & Verdae YMCA, you’ll learn more about the benefits of swimming and the swimming opportunities available at the YMCA of Greenville.

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The thought of swimming can evoke many different images in our imagination, like splashing in the waves at the beach, cheering for our kids at swim team, or jumping in the lake during the hot summer months. Swimming is refreshing, fun, and a great way to exercise.

Although the cooler fall and winter months are approaching, kids and adults can enjoy swimming year-round, and experience health benefits beyond the fun summer dip. It’s also a great time for young swimmers to learn critical water safety skills. The YMCA of Greenville remains committed to reducing fatal drownings – the second leading cause of death among children from 1-14.

Swimming can boost confidence, relieve stress, and even help rehabilitate injuries. Plus, unlike many team sports, swimming is a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed at virtually any age.

Boost confidence

Not only is swimming a life-saving skill, but it is a skill that can help build self-esteem and social competencies. At the YMCA of Greenville, group lessons are offered where children are supported and praised by the instructors and their parents, and the interaction with other swimmers in the class helps them make new friends. During times of increased screen time and social distancing, healthy interaction while learning a new skill is a huge benefit of group swim lessons. Group classes at the YMCA of Greenville are kept at a 1:5 ratio, allowing for plenty of individualized attention from the instructor, along with time to be with and learn from others in the class.

Relieve stress

It’s no secret that kids need to release pent-up energy and stress after being at school all day. Focusing on an activity where kids use their muscles and exercise is a proven way to relieve stress, which leads to better sleep.

While endorphin release from exercise is a benefit that spans many types of activities, swimming is unique in that it activates neurotransmitters such as serotonin, the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. Swimming also helps our brains produce a stress-reducing hormone that helps control our body’s response to stress and anxiety.

The YMCA of Greenville offers swim lessons to all ages and walks of life, and many who find value in swim lessons have diverse abilities. The YMCA of Greenville has swim instructors who are trained to teach adaptive swimming for children with autism, anxiety, delays and other sensory and motor challenges. This population particularly benefits from the stress-relieving sensation of being buoyant.

Prevent and rehabilitate injury

Many athletes, from middle to high school-aged athletes who get injured during a sports match or adults who experience general wear and tear that comes with aging, find healing properties of rehabilitation in a swimming pool. The buoyancy of water makes it easier for the body to support itself, but it also provides resistance so that people can strengthen their muscles. Water therapy also helps rebuild muscle memory, since being in a pool makes us move more slowly and the brain to process what the body is doing.

Swim for life

The YMCA of Greenville’s Program Center, Caine Halter, Eastside and Prisma Health branches have pools open year-round where members of all ages can practice their skill independently or join a group class. Many members take up swimming later in life as a transition from activities that are harder on the joints, like running. It is a great way to stay fit, and we all know fitness plays a role in boosting immunity and fighting viruses.

Discover the amazing benefits of swimming for yourself and your child at your local YMCA! When you activate your YMCA of Greenville membership during the month of October, your joining fee will be waived.

Tell us how swimming benefits your family!

About the Author: Sean Van Velsor is the Aquatics Director at Caine Halter Family YMCA & Verdae YMCA

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