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Posts Tagged ‘Greer SC’

Want to learn to skateboard? Head for Greer, SC!

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There’s a skateboard program in Greer, SC that is sure to interest anyone who loves skateboarding in the Upstate!

Skateboarding has looked pretty fun to me but since I’ve never had any lessons and don’t want to crack my mom body on purpose, I haven’t ever taken up the sport. But my kids – that’s another story. I have one very athletic little girl who found a skateboard recently and has been practicing. It’s really cute. But she needs lessons and the City of Greer Parks and Recreation Department’s Beginner Skateboarding program may be just the answer.

learn to skateboard in Greer, SC

Meet The Young Lady Bringing The Toads Back To Trade Street in Greer, SC

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When the City of Greer removed the popular Toads on Trade scavenger hunt to make way for the Center G improvement project, people were sad to see them hop away. But, one young lady decided it was time to bring back the Toads to Trade street in a new and improved way!

Meet Kelsi Kennemore and learn about the new Toads on Trade Scavenger Hunt rollout in Downtown Greer.

For more fun, check out The Kidding Around Ultimate Visitors and Locals Guide to Greer, SC.


Enjoy Craft Beer and Beautiful Food at The Southern Growl in Greer, SC

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Have you been to the Southern Growl and tried their beautiful food? It’s weird to see a food described as beautiful, we know. Don’t worry; it’s delicious too. However, not mentioning how the food looks at this locally-owned brewery would be a crime. The Southern Growl has grown from a little craft brew shop tucked away in a strip mall to a stand-alone force to be reckoned with in the Upstate. Not just for their craft brews but with their weekly menu specials.

Everyone can find a menu item to enjoy, even a vegan! The new location has a lovely outdoor dining space, with an area for kids ( two and four legged) to get their wiggles out while you enjoy your menu selection.

Others have seen their success and tried to duplicate it, but The Southern Growl is GOAT. Find out why, when we “Grill” the folks at this Upstate Brewery!

The Southern Growl in Greer, SC

Owners name: Matt Bowes

Do you have kids eat free night? No

Do employees wear masks? Yes

What are your contactless delivery options?

Do you offer outdoor dining? Yes – Heated, Open Air

What makes your spot unique?
The Southern Growl Beer Company’s new facility is expansive, yet cozy with an oversized heated patio and enormous lawn. We pour from a huge selection of 60 taps, featuring 24+ beers brewed on our 10 bbl brewhouse, cocktails, wine, ciders, meads, and sodas. The food menu is concise, exceptionally executed, and changes frequently to highlight what we feel are the tastiest sandwiches of every season.

What dish is the most popular?
The weekly burger and chicken sandwich specials

What dish are you the proudest of?
Two things I’m most proud of is our in-house bakery making all our buns, loaves, crackers, and desserts fresh each day and our house brewed IPAs, especially “Bury Me In Strata.” The name speaks truth and highlights my favorite hop, Strata.

It’s my first time at your restaurant, what do you suggest we order?
TSG Beertenders are seriously knowledgeable and we strive for excellence in all we do. Best advice: Talk to the Beertenders to help you find the perfect beer (or 4 beers with a flight) and sandwich to fit your mood.

Where do you love to eat when not at work?
That’s a tough choice as there are so many incredible eateries in the area. However, I most often find myself craving Pita House, Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine, La REATA Mexican Restaurant, Sully’s Steamers, and The new Prince’s Hot Chicken at Yee-Haw Brewing Company is killing it right now too

Gifting Options: Gift Cards

Learn About Other Local Restaurants We’ve Featured on Kidding Around

Are you a restaurant owner that would like to be featured on Kidding Around’s Local Restaurant Spotlight? Let us know!

What Locals Are Saying About The Southern Growl

Southern Growl is an absolute gem! We frequent it as both a casual hangout and date night spot and it never disappoints. The staff is fabulous at recommendations (and everything really) and the ever-changing menu is superb. Plus there’s a beer for your every mood. Pro tip- the coffee caliente wings are amazing

Monica Pace Greene
Love The Southern Growl! Always an impressive beer selection. And the food is always delicious. We go there a lot! The Staff actually seems to love their jobs too!

Sam Chaffin

Yes!! Those coffee caliente wings are my favorite! My husband and I really like Southern Growl.

Maddie Pace

The southern growl is a go to for us. Their covid safety is still happening, which is rare to find these days. Their food is AMAZING, and their takeout growlers are awesome.

Kristen Pace

100% recommend! There is also a green space where kids can run around.

Kimberly Dawn
Southern Growl | Vegan Seitan Wrap

Learn More About The Southern Growl

The Southern Growl
155 North Buncombe Rd, Greer | 864.655.7444

10 Things We Love About The Playgrounds at Kids Planet, Century Park in Greer, SC

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Are you in search for a unique local park with imaginative play spaces? We recommend Century Park’s Kids Planet in Greer. This park has multiple new playgrounds with a castle, bridge, zip line and accessible playground.

After patiently waiting since September of 2019 for the new and improved Kid’s Planet playground to be revealed at Greer’s Century Park, the wait is over! The New Benson Automotive Kid’s Planet is open to the public and we are in love!

For more info about the re-opening, check out our Century Park opening announcement

IMPORTANT: The playground will be closed for maintenance every Wednesday from 7 am – Noon.


Where to Pick Peaches in South Carolina: U-Pick Peaches Are Right Here In Greer, SC!

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Are you looking for a place you can pick your own peaches near Greenville? Did you know that South Carolina actually grows more peaches than Georgia? Not only do you not have to travel to another state, you only have to drive to Greer, SC.

If you are looking for the perfect place to pick your own peaches in Greenville or Spartanburg? We have all the information you need about picking peaches at Fisher’s Orchard, along with tips and tricks to help you out!

Due to cold weather damage, Fisher’s Peach Orchard will not offer pick-your-own in 2021. However, their peaches are available for sale at the farm, as well as their farm stores.

Where to Pick your own peaches in Greenville

Put These 5 Awesome Parks in Greer On Your To Do List This Summer

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KAG travels Northwest to explore kid-friendly parks in Greer. Straddling Greenville and Spartanburg counties, Greer has some of the most popular playgrounds Greenville has to offer.. Check out our list and spot that Apache helicopter at Veteran’s Park or see some ruins of an old mill by the Scenic Enoree river while taking your kids (and dogs) for a walk at Pelham Mill Park and Dog Park.

Find even more great parks on our Greenville Parks Page.

Kids Planet at Century Park in Greer

Century Park & Kid’s Planet [CLOSED FOR RENOVATION SEPT. 2019-EARLY 2020]

On top of our list and probably yours, Century Park & Kid’s Planet is a parent’s summer oasis. The park is getting a huge makeover and will open with all new equipment sometime in early 2020.

3605 Brushy Creek Road, Greer

Victor Memorial Veteran’s Park

Victor Memorial Veteran’s Park, located on SC Highway 101 South just north of Stevens Field, offers a lighted walking path, a gazebo, a freshly planted and landscaped lawn area, retired military equipment, and a monument honoring the men and women who have served their country in the United States Armed Forces. Kids will surely be in awe of the Apache helicopter and tank on display.

17th Street, Greer

Greer City Park

Greer City Park

Famous for its moonlight movies, Friday concert series and etc…did you know that on top of all its amazing family events and features, it also has a musical fountain? See what our writer Jackie has to say about Greer City Park.

301 E. Poinsett Street, Greer

East Riverside Park

A part of the larger Suber Road Soccer Complex, the overall size is described as larger than a football field! East Riverside Park also offers some shade and two playgrounds for the little ones. Its unique feature are the sand volleyball court and the community garden for Greer residents at an annual membership of $50 for one garden bed.

1155 S. Suber Road, Greer

Pelham Mills Park Greer parks

Pelham Mill Park

No playgrounds at Pelham Mills Park, but plenty of history, nature and rough trails. There is a dog park for your furry ones. Keep your little one entertained from doing a short hike and finding the Geocache hidden stash.

2770 E. Phillips Road, Greer

What park in Greer is your kid’s favorite?

Greer City Park is a Park Your Entire Family will Love

Posted on | 1 Comment

Local mom Jackie Vest reviews Greer City Park in Greer, SC. This park includes a fenced in playground, landscaped green spaces, and hosts many local events and festivals. For more parks in Greenville, see our Ultimate Guide to Parks in Greenville.

Are you looking for a great local park with plenty of things for your little ones to enjoy and explore? Look no further than Greer City Park!  Find it at 301 East Poinsett Street in Greer!

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About Greer City Park

Located right in the heart of downtown Greer is a charming, yet modern, recreation area that boasts all of the best amenities. Visitors can enjoy playing ball in any of the park’s wide open spaces, taking a stroll or bike ride along one of the beautifully landscaped walkways, having a picnic under a pavilion, or bouncing around on the new rubber turf slab surrounding the large playground. The park has a great mix of interesting characteristics including a gazebo, an adorable little pond, a large fountain, bench swings, an amphitheater, beautiful rock features, and lovely brick facades.

Playground and picnic shelter

A large pavilion next to the playground provides plenty of tables and shade for a picnic or birthday party. Also, right next to the playground are drinking fountains and bathroom facilities. I loved that the playground was set back a good stroll away from the parking lot. In the heat of the summer, visitors might find the playground a bit hot since it is right in the direct sun.

Greer City Park has a Musical Fountain

The top of the park features a fountain that synchronizes it’s water with music and plays several times an hour. It’s a great way to surprise the kids if you can catch it at the right time.

Lots of Sun & Access to Downtown Greer

On the particular day my youngest son and I set out to review this park, the skies were a beautiful blue streaked with puffy white clouds, the birds were out, and the flowers had burst open all throughout the park – everything was singing of Spring! My 4-year-old most loved the obstacle-course style features on the playground and kicking a bouncy ball through an adjacent open lawn. We enjoyed a picnic lunch next to the playground along with a few of our friends. Next time I’ll probably pack the scooters or a kite. We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!

For more parks with sun for the hotter months see our list of Sunny Playgrounds in Greenville.


301 East Poinsett Street, Greer
Visit the Greer City Park website.

If you’re looking for a special treat, the park borders downtown Greer.  Frozen custard, coffee shops, and restaurants are just an easy walk away.

What’s your favorite thing to do at Greer City Park?

Enjoy the Peace of Lake Robinson in Greer

Posted on | 1 Comment

Contributor Maria Bassett reviews local Lake Robinson. For more ideas of places to enjoy the outdoors in and near Greenville, see our page Things to Do Outside in Greenville.

Spring is here bringing forth all its outdoor adventures.  Playgrounds, games, and trips to the splash pads abound.  But if you’re looking for something a little quieter, a bit more nature and little less crowded, consider a visit to J. Verne Smith Park at the tip of Lake Robinson.

Lake Robinson is owned by Greer CPW and serves as an impoundment for drinking water.  It’s a popular lake for small boats and fishing, but the park area itself seems to be rarely populated with more than a handful of people.  It does not have playground facilities, yet with plenty of picnic sites, beautiful views and several small docks and a fishing pier to explore, this park should not be an overlooked outdoor destination.

Things to Do

Lake Robinson is, in fact, one of my family’s favorite locations for a quiet picnic.  The park’s location has a million dollar view, and is just steps from the parking lot.  This makes J. Verne Smith Park a uniquely easy destination for those with young children or mobility impaired individuals to enjoy the beautiful views this foothill area can provide.  The park has many picnic tables and ample large shade trees where guests can spread picnic blankets facing the water.

Consider bringing some sidewalk chalk for after your picnic, as there are many paved walking areas to roam.  My children enjoy bringing sketching materials and watercolor pencils to try and draw bits of the view they are enjoying.  We like to bring books to read quietly or out loud together (this is a great place for us to do a bit of homeschool work outside the house).  And sometimes we bring Frisbees, balls, jacks and other outside toys.  Tip: The park is on a hill, sloped towards the water.  It definitely won’t work as a soccer field, but is fine for young children tossing a ball back and forth.

The lake edge of the park is rimmed with large rocks (perfect for keeping a runaway ball from rolling into the water).  You cannot wade or swim here.  But you can walk the paved pathways, sit out on the small docks and watch the boats, or stroll out along the fishing pier and see what creatures you can spot in the water.  If you plan to fish, you’ll need to make sure you obtain the proper permit. You can obtain permits at Greer CPW Warden’s Office on site.

Things to Know

Verne Smith has a large raised picnic shelter with a fantastic view, which can be rented from Greer CPW for $150 per day, and a smaller shelter area also with a nice view, that can be rented for $75 a day.

Restroom facilities are located at the larger shelter.

The park is open sunrise to sunset.  No skateboards, roller blades, or bikes are allowed on the walking paths, so it is best to leave those at home.

Park address: 2544 Mays Bridge Rd, Greer, SC 29651

Phone: (864) 895-3645

Have you ever visited Lake Robinson?

Meet Maria Bassett