This Indoor Winter Farmers Market Is No Longer a Secret: Greenville, SC

Miss the local farmer’s markets in the winter? We’ve got the scoop on Greenville’s best indoor farmers market and it’s really a lot more than a farmers market. The Toasty Farmer is no longer an Upstate secret; however, parents in the know have discovered that the family-friendly winter farmers market can be the perfect outing on a dreary winter’s day.

About the Toasty Farmer

The unassuming frontage road that leads to Brewery 85 might lead new visitors to question their GPS, but you’ll soon know you’re in the right place by the cars overflowing from the brewery parking lot. The craft microbrewery is named for Interstate 85, central to the location on Whitlee Ct. and also to the region, connecting the hometowns of members of the ‘Brew Crew.’ The farmers market is mostly an indoor event, but you’ll find the food trucks outdoors plus a new kids area. And hot chocolate to warm up those kiddos, anyone? Yes, please.

Our love of supporting local businesses, artists, and makers makes The Toasty Farmer a perfect fit for all of us at Kidding Around and we so appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the best of the Upstate all in one place, especially during the drearier winter months.

The main entrance opens into the bar area where knowledgeable staff will help make a decision among the multiple beers on tap (they also have cider, wine, and a few non-alcoholic options for kids) that can be taken into the vending area in the main area of the brewery just around the corner.

Before we even make it into the market, the kids get sidetracked by the view of the brewery floor, all the enormous, shiny tanks, kettles and mills fueling their imagination. The brewery opened in 2014, and The Toasty Farmer launched a couple of years later to provide an outlet for farm produce and goods during the winter season (in addition to bringing customers to the brewery).  Doors are open Saturdays from 11 am to 2 pm.

The Toasty Farmer’s 2022-23 Season

The Toasty Farmer will be located at Brewery85. Along with many vendors, it has a big movie screen, tables, and includes a taproom. And get this – there is a big sand area for the kids to play in outside. How fun! There is also music, food, trucks, and awesome vendors.

Indoors you’ll find all the great, local vendors that make the Toasty Farmer the Upstate’s longest-running winter farmers market, selling things like soaps, candles, farm-fresh produce, trout, cheese, elderberry and ciders, tomato pies, pimento cheeses, and many unique specialty sweets from cupcakes to delicate and perfect macarons.

The kids’ favorite vendor has a sweet pastry that we allow them to dig into while shopping, and I enjoy browsing cheeses from the creamery and perhaps purchasing a local wine. When the weather is warmer the kids can run around outside while the parents enjoy a beverage at one of the picnic tables, while in cold and rainy weather we seat them with a snack and relax and enjoy the atmosphere indoors. With 45 vendors it’s a sure bet to find a local artisan, producer or farmer to talk with.

Courtesy of The Toasty Farmer

Visit The Toasty Farmer

This is the seventh season for the Toasty Farmer, which runs December 3, 2022 through March 2023 every Saturday except for some additional select dates.

6 Whitlee Court, Greenville, SC

For more information, visit The Toasty Farmer Facebook page.

Will you be visiting The Toasty Farmer this winter?

This article was originally published by KA Contributor, Liene, on Femme au Foyer as part of the Food on Friday series, but has been heavily updated by the Kidding Around Team for the 2022-2023 season.

About the Author
Mother of four young boys, Liene is constantly on the move since returning to Greenville in 2012. Whether she’s exploring the state parks and natural areas of the Carolinas or teaming up with other moms to organize activities for the kids, she’s always searching for the next adventure in the Upstate. For everything from hiking, travel, cooking and crafts to multicultural & global education posts, visit her blog,

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