Your Family is Sure to Love the Birds and Bridges at Timmons Park

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Are you searching for a park to visit that includes more than just a playground? KAG contributor Deborah gives us the scoop on Timmons Park, a neighborhood park offering way more than a climbing structure and swings. 

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Discover Timmons Park

“Look! A Hawk!” My boys and I were enjoying a morning at the park when we spotted a hawk in the mature trees around the playground. The large bird of prey was calling to another hawk that we heard in the distance. Then, we saw that second hawk fly into the same tree. Where are we?

Timmons Park is tucked away in the established neighborhood of Overbrook. Within Greenville’s city limits, this park is full of large trees that provide you with ample shady places to rest and listen to the songs of the birds.

Timmons Park in Greenville

The park has an excellent frisbee golf course. Even if you do not want to play, the trail is a great place to walk your dog, and children love getting to cross the stream on the various bridges. Just watch out for frisbees! Keep your children out of the stream, because we spotted a large snake while we were there.

The playground has two slides, monkey bar rings, a metal climbing structure and a four-way bouncing structure. There is a large swing set across the one-way street. The playground is not shaded, but there is a shaded section at the top of the slides.

Bring a picnic to enjoy in the covered pavilion that is beside the large swing set. The city is currently building a new restroom between the lighted tennis courts and baseball field. You can park in front of the playground, across from the pavilion, or down by the baseball field and restrooms.

Timmons Park playground

Where you’ll find Timmons Park

121 Oxford Street, Greenville
Visit the Timmons Park website.

What’s your favorite thing to do while visiting Timmons Park?


About the Author
Deborah Pope is a music teacher who loves to have adventures with her husband and three boys. They love hiking, biking, going to playgrounds, and walking in gardens. They make fun wherever they go!

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