Coffee Flights Await at Unlocked Coffee Roasters in Greenville, SC

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Tired parents in need of a cup of ambition can get a new flight of coffee at this beautiful coffee shop in the West Village of Greenville, SC.

I really enjoy a good cup of coffee. I enjoy even more the opportunity to try more than one kind of coffee at a time, which is why I couldn’t get to Unlocked Coffee Roasters fast enough after discovering they offer a flight of coffee for customers in need of a little extra jolt. 

Unlocked Coffee Roasters Flight

About Unlocked Coffee Roasters

Unlocked Coffee opened up during the pandemic and made it through all the challenges that presented to become a must-visit coffee shop in the West Village, just a couple of minutes from downtown Greenville. 

The space is just beautiful with soft blue hues, dark wood accents, and intricate tiles along the coffee bar, reminiscent of Colombia, where owner Rosie and her husband are from. Unlocked Coffee roasts and brews all their own coffee beans, which are sourced from Colombia, Kenya, Guatemala, and other fair trade locations. They also locally source bread, milk, and other ingredients for their brunch items and smoothies. 

There are several tables set up throughout the coffee shop and guests can linger over their coffee and meet up with friends or bring their laptops and work with the shop’s wifi connection. 

Coffee Flight 

When you can’t decide what kind of coffee to order at Unlocked or just want to try something a little adventurous, the coffee flight ($7) is for you. You get three coffees: Kenya Galaxy Hops (a drip coffee), cortado cappuccino, and Colombian espresso. The cappuccino was my favorite and the espresso made me want to go run eight miles. 

Unlocked only started offering the coffee flight in mid-summer of 2022 and it’s been quite the hit. The backstory of how it happened is fantastic though. It was because of the persistence of a regular customer who also visited lots of Greenville coffee shops frequently.

She kept asking Rosie to create a coffee flight as Unlocked was her favorite and apparently she really wanted to have more than one kind of coffee each time. So Rosie finally made it happen to the delight of this particular customer – and, it turns out, many, many more customers. 

Baristo at Unlocked Coffee

Unlocked Coffee takes great pride and care in their coffee and it comes through in what they offer, how beautiful the space is, and how intentional the owners are with how they source ingredients and coffee beans. 


Besides coffee, Unlocked Coffee also offers a variety of different brunch options like Rainbow Toast, Columbian Cheese Bread, and bagels. They also have handcrafted smoothies and they make all their syrups in-house. 

They also sell bags of their house-roasted coffee beans so you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at home. 

Unlocked Coffee is open Monday – Saturday from 8 am – 4 pm. 

Unlocked Coffee Roasters
556 Perry Avenue, Suite B116, Greenville

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