Westside Park Offers an Indoor Pool, Playground and More

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Near Berea? Passing between Greenville and Easley? Then you might want to make a stop at Westside Park! KAG Contributor Lindy Wilson tells us about this park which features a wide variety of different amenities. One of the most notable of those is the indoor pool at the Westside Aquatic Complex.

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A little about Westside Park

The playground at this park is right next to the pool building, so it’s easy to explore upon arriving or leaving but its tucked around the corner enough that you can sneak past if need be. We played there A LOT when we were taking swim lessons! They do birthday pool parties in the aquatic center if you’re interested. They also teach swim lessons throughout the year and also offer sailing lessons. Older kids can join their swim team. Unique to this pool is the Fun Zone inflatable play area floating in the water! There is also a small gym offering group exercise classes.

However should your day only accommodate adventures on dry land, there is a rather well equipped playground. Their playground has some nice shade trees and a few bench tables right along the edge. It makes for a good picnic spot while still being in sight of the kids. The playground is fairly large so this is very important!

Westside Park playgrounds in Greenville

There are some nice swings here which always seem to be a treat. There’s more than your typical playground has so everyone can have one! They also seem like the higher type so nice for big kids who want to propel themselves into outer space!

If you have a climber, they’ll love it. A wide arrange of things to hang off and climb on abound. It’s way beyond your everyday monkey bars here!

Beyond the pool/gym complex and the playground, there are also some baseball fields and other grassy areas for a pick up game. If you have an event coming up, you can rent out their shelters as well. Be sure to check it out!

Plan your own trip to Westside Park

2700 W. Blue Ridge Drive, Greenville
Amenities include aquatic complex, athletic fields, playground, picnic shelter

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Have you ever visited Westside Park?

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