Christ Church Episcopal School: The Ultimate K-12 Experience For Your Family

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The Greenville area is home to many excellent schools and parents truly have an array of educational institutions they can choose from to meet their child’s needs. But as a parent, it can be overwhelming to say the least! In the end, how do you know if you’ve made the right decision?

CCES 2023

There is one school that stands out for its exceptional curriculum which aims to fulfill the needs of every student and seeks to gives them the necessary skills to excel in the classrooms, on their sports team and in their community. If you are looking around for a great school where your child is given every opportunity to fulfill their potential, from K through 12th grade, take a good look at Christ Church Episcopal School (CCES).

Why Choose Christ Church Episcopal School?

Exceptional College Prep

With three full-time college counselors on staff, CCES students and their parents have personalized guidance every step of the way. From applications to financial aid and scholarship opportunities to finding a great fit, they are an invaluable resource. Last year, the Class of 2023 earned over 9.2 million in scholarships, awarded from 54 different colleges and universities, and 99% earned the SC Palmetto Fellows, Hope, and Life scholarships.

CCES 2023

Nurturing the Whole Student

While academics are paramount to the educational experience at CCES, the school also offers a breadth of opportunities for students to explore their interests. Whether through the arts, athletics, service learning, worship, or countless organizations and clubs, students are encouraged to get involved and, in the process, learn more about their interests and talents. Small class sizes mean teachers truly get to know their students as individuals and are able to gauge when they might need a nudge out of their comfort zone or times when they might need more support.

CCES 2023


The Lower School (K-4th) emphasizes academic excellence and unique learning opportunities in interactive, child-centered classrooms. Through the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) curriculum, students approach learning through an interdisciplinary lens, fueled by inquiry and discovery.

In Middle School (5th-8th), academic rigor is balanced with an individualized approach to social/emotional growth. Leadership, critical-thinking, and team building are foundational and students have multiple opportunities to engage in extracurricular and off-campus programs.

CCES 2023

The Upper School offers more than 190 courses including over 33 International Baccalaureate Diploma Program courses and over 20 Advanced Placement classes that can count towards college credit. While classes are demanding and challenging, students are well-prepared for college as they have developed a wide array of skills from writing to critical thinking to time management.

Health & Wellness

In partnership with students, teachers, parents, and our chaplaincy, our school counselors nurture students’ intellectual development, personal integrity, and emotional well-being, while helping to foster a sense of belonging for all students. Through individual meetings, small groups, and training workshops, school counselors serve as a part of the CCES support system for students and parents.

CCES 2023

CCES also employs two full-time registered nurses who provide health assessments, emergency care for illness and injury, manage chronic conditions, and administer medications.

Service Learning

As a Christian school in the Episcopal tradition, CCES is committed to each student developing a strong sense of responsibility to the larger community.

CCES 2023

Students are introduced to service learning in the 2nd grade, where they serve others within the school. As they get older, students step out into the wider Greenville community, volunteering at a variety of organizations from Project Host to A Child’s Haven. Through this approach, the lifelong practice of “giving back” becomes part of the moral development of every student at CCES.


CCES is a member of the South Carolina High School League and the school encourages participation and performance at a high level.

CCES 2023

They offer 43 individual teams and 80% of students from grades 7-12 participate in at least one sport, which include football, tennis, swimming, field hockey, volleyball, golf, lacrosse, cross country, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, and wrestling. CCES has won 113 state championships since 1979, but more importantly, students learn the value of hard work, the joy of being part of a team, and how to compete with grace and humility.


All students benefit from the robust arts curriculum at CCES. From vocal and instrumental music programs, visual arts including ceramics, photography, and documentary film, to opportunities on stage at the Hartness Performing Arts Center, CCES encourages authentic self-expression, a sense of curiosity and wonder, and an openness to different perspectives and world views.

CCES 2023

Faith Based School in the Episcopal Tradition

CCES is a faith-based educational institution rooted in the Episcopal tradition, which charges all in the community to recognize and honor “the dignity of every human being.” With that, CCES welcomes students and parents from all faiths and traditions to be a part of the CCES family. Students worship together during weekly services at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, located in the center of campus. There they are reminded that we each have an important, meaningful, and distinct part in helping this world to be a better place for all.

CCES 2023

To learn more about Christ Church Episcopal School today, contact them today:

Christ Church Episcopal School
864-331-4223 | | 245 Cavalier Drive Greenville, SC

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