Reconnect With Your Kids with YMCA of Greenville’s Adventure Guides Program

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Are you looking at screens too much? How about your children? Do you wish you could just get outside and enjoy being together? If you said yes, you need to read on to find out about a great program that will help you build relationships and forget all about your screens.

Thank you to the YMCA of Greenville for sponsoring this article.

Screens are everywhere. We rely on them to keep the family calendar in order, communicate with our kids and spouses and find out about the next great event. But our phones and computers can also keep us from enjoying the one-on-one time, families so often need. 

 YMCA of Greenville’s Adventure Guides and Trailblazer program may be just the opportunity to reconnect with our kids while creating outdoor memories. The Adventure Guides and Trailblazers are made up of parent and child pairs who join groups called Circles. Circles are composed of five to 12 families and meet regularly to work on earning patches. Participants can register and request to join a circle or form their own circle.

The program’s season kicks off with a Fall Adventure Weekend at Camp Greenville and then Circles meet once a month to participate in events that are designed to build strong bonds between pairs. Events include a pinewood box derby, family cookouts, a father-daughter dance and other shared experiences.

At the end of the season, circles return to Camp Greenville for a Spring Adventure weekend. The commitment from families is minimal, but the experiences set a strong foundation for the relationship between parent and child. Beyond strengthening that foundation, the program works on building self-esteem, expanding awareness of spirit, mind and body and enhancing the quality of family time. 

Screens are definitely not prohibited, but they won’t be needed to have fun. Feel free to use your phone now to put the following Adventure Guide and Trailblazer dates on your calendar – early bird pricing for the program ends on September 15th and the Fall Adventure Weekend starts on Sept. 27th

Adventure Guides & Trailblazers 
$67.50, Early bird pricing (ends on Sept. 19)
$87.50, Cost after Sept. 15
Contact Daniel Munch for more information.
Register here

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