Five Reasons You Should Sign Your Kids Up for YMCA of Greenville’s Summer Day Camp

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Do you ever wish you could go back to being a kid? We do – especially during summer day camp season! To be dropped off by your parents, knowing you had a whole day – or maybe a week, or even the whole summer – to be outside, run around, be silly, learn something new, and have fun with other kids?

Thank you to the YMCA of Greenville for sponsoring this article on Kidding Around.

When our kids are young, they get to experience this time that we would all crave to get to do over again. To disconnect from screen time, connect with other kids and positive adult role models and just focus on being a good kid and having fun at camp.

At the YMCA of Greenville, summer day camp offers all of that, and they strive to help campers develop character by instilling the Y’s core values: respect, caring, honesty, and responsibility. 

Here are five reasons sending your kids to the Y’s summer day camp is important:

A chance to try new things (without committing to a whole season).

Summer day camp is the perfect opportunity to try something new – a new sport, craft, or hobby. The YMCA offers specialty camps where kids can spend a week learning how to dribble up and down the basketball court, build cities with Legos, plan and cook a meal, and even learn about the great outdoors. And if your child wants to try a little bit of everything, they can register for traditional day camp, which offers introductory activities in sports, arts and crafts, swimming, music, and more – depending on the theme of the week. Summer day camp is the perfect occasion for your kids to test out a new sport or skill to make sure they like it before committing long term to a season.

A chance to meet new people and broaden horizons. 

After a year in the same classroom at school, it can be nice to change up your summer social scene and make new friends. The Y welcomes everyone, and every child has a different story to share. Many parents say their children make lasting friendships through summer day camp, and learn to be more open, caring, and kind people. 

Social interaction is critical for kids – it’s necessary for their development and it’s what they crave. For kids who had more remote learning this year than they would have liked, the connections they’ll make at the YMCA of Greenville could be the best part about camp.

A chance to burn off some energy and get stronger.

Kids are always ready for the summer – that has not changed for centuries! But after a very unusual school year, and one where we had a lot more time inside than in years before, our kids are especially ready to burn off some pent-up energy. Exercise and stimulating activities with new friends are some of the best ways kids can release stress, build a stronger heart and muscles, improve concentration, build their immunity and sleep better – all which will help them when it comes time to go back to school in the fall.

A chance to learn from positive adult role models.

YMCA of Greenville staff are committed to delivering a safe, fun, and enriching experience for all participants of summer day camp. Their passion is serving those who walk through the doors of the YMCA of Greenville, and they love instilling the Y’s core values through all activities (reminder: those are respect, caring, honesty, and responsibility). 

A chance to breathe fresh air.

Fresh air is good for the soul, isn’t it? It also has serious health benefits, like reducing blood pressure and heart rate, supporting mental clarity, and even improving digestion. Being outside in the summer sun (with plenty of sunscreen for protection, of course) is one of the best parts of summer day camp.

When they are indoors, you can rest easy knowing that YMCA facilities have been equipped with bi-polar ionization filtration systems, which are hospital-grade air quality control. How great does taking a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy the moment sound?

The YMCA of Greenville is a cause-driven, non profit organization. Through funds raised during our Annual Campaign, the Y is able to offer financial assistance those in need so that no child is turned away, regardless of ability to pay.  

The YMCA of Greenville follows the COVID-19 guidelines and protocols from the CDC and SC DHEC to help keep kids, staff and members as safe as possible. You can read these in more detail here. To learn more about all the different summer day camps offered through the YMCA of Greenville, visit our website.

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