10+ Places for Swim Lessons in Greenville, SC

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Are you looking for the perfect place to sign your kids up for swim lessons in Greenville, SC this summer? We polled our readers to get some parent reviews of what pools and places are the best for swim lessons.

Greenville Speaks is a collection of reader recommendations based on our Facebook page. While this listing may include KAG sponsors, listings are not based on sponsorship. Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement.

Swim lessons Greenville SC

It’s getting warm and you know what that means… it’s time to cool off in the water! Don’t forget that with the warmer weather, the risks of injury (unfortunately) go way up!

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 14 and is the number one cause of death for kids between the ages of 1 and 4. A recent report from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that kids younger than 5 make up over 75% of all pool/spa deaths and almost 80% of injuries in those areas for kids 15 and under. YIKES! So what can we do to be sure those statistics don’t include anyone we know and love?

Our Readers’ Favorite Swim Lesson Locations in Greenville, SC

We asked you, our readers, where the best swim lessons in Greenville could be found, and here is what you recommended! Obviously, there’s no substitute for supervision, but when the unthinkable happens and they wander, let’s make sure your little ones are prepared for what they encounter!

The YMCA of Greenville

The YMCA has taught more people to swim than any other organization in the world! They’ve been called “America’s Favorite Swim Instructor” for over 100 years. The Y offers four locations with swimming pools. The Caine Halter Y and Prisma Health Family Y have outdoor pools in the summer. Those pools remain open in the fall and winter months thanks to “The Bubble.” There are indoor pools located at the Caine Halter Y, Program Center – GHS, and Eastside Y. Classes, ranging from babies to adults, are deeply discounted for Y members but also open to non-members.

My 5 year old who was deathly afraid to get anything above her shoulders wet came full circle at the Eastside YMCA.


Took my daughter that was terrified of water touching her face and ears and made her into a water loving kid that can rescue swim also!


Swim Savvy Aquatics

Swim Savvy Aquatics came highly recommended by our KAG readers! Swim instructors place children in classes based on their age and advance them through skills as they are ready. Lessons are available for infants-3 years old and a separate program available for 4 year olds and up. While they realize they cannot recreate every situation your child may face while at a pool, they try to focus on teaching problem-solving life-saving skills.

Absolutely the best in Greenville. Four children have learned to swim with Carla and her team of amazing instructors.


Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School, located at 607 Haywood Rd., Greenville, SC 29607, opened last year and comes highly recommended by our readers. They provide swim lessons and water safety instruction to infants and children ages four months to 12 years.

“Families can enroll children in a wide range of swim lessons and water safety instruction that utilizes a proprietary curriculum, The Science of SwimPlay®, which helps to build life skills both in and out of the water using play-based learning in a fun and safe environment. Goldfish Swim School – Greenville offers flexible scheduling and free make-up lessons for busy families.”

Sportsclub Aquatics

Sportsclub offers private, group, and semi-private lessons (about $20-270 depending on the number of sessions and whether you’re a member or not).  They offer qualified instructors and friendly staff to assist you and your family with all your swim lesson needs!

Greenville REC

Greenville Rec offers classes for all ages, from babies 6 months old up to adults. They keep the student to teacher ratio small so that the lessons are personal for everyone who comes! They use positive, child-focused teaching methods in order to teach skills like water entry/exit, safety in and around water, parent education, basic swim movements, and even breath control for older children! They offer lower rates for Greenville County residents but lessons are open to the public. Whatever your goals or swim needs are, they are sure to have a class and instructor to help give you and your child the tools to succeed!

We’ve used west side aquatic center multiple times and I’ve been pleased with every level so far.


Westside aquatic center. Usually 3 kids to one teacher. Coach Jennifer is super nice who is over see the whole program. Alex is a great coach to my kids


Ray & Joan Kroc Center Aquatics

Krocs and Krocodilos starting at 6 months can learn to swim at their own levels and pace with the Kroc Center’s lessons. Their classes are not intended to teach children to survive in water on their own, but they are preparing kids to progress into their future programs for Krockies and Krocodiles. They offer other classes for ages 6 months through adult and even feature a SAIL Prep and Teen Swim Conditioning programs to get your children ready for competition time! Private lessons are available for ages 2 and up and for any skill level. Members receive a discount here, too.

Girl swimming. Find swim lessons in Greenville, SC

Our Readers’ Favorite Private Swim Lesson Instructors in Greenville, SC

Swim Lessons with Mary

Our readers LOVE Swim Lessons with Mary. They teach infants, kids, and adults of all skill levels in private 30-minute lessons. Their goal is to bring you peace of mind and confidence in your swimmer’s ability and lifelong safety. Lessons can be held at the Prisma Health Life Center in downtown Greenville, your home pool, or your neighborhood pool.

Infant Swim Resource (aka ISR)                            

Infant Swim Resource is NOT your typical swim lesson! These are drowning prevention lessons and they start at 6 months old! The instructors, who go through EXTREMELY lengthy training, will teach infants to roll onto their back and calmly float while waiting for help.  Kids who are a year or older will learn to get to their back and then to do a roll, kick/swim, and breathe sequence that will get them to the safety of the edge of a pool or pond. The things they teach these little ones to do are truly amazing!

ISR was founded in 1966 by a man who had the unfortunate life experience of having a neighbor’s child drown while he was growing up.  He decided right there that it was high time drownings were ended.  He dedicated his studies and career to ensure that Not One More Child Drowns

Read all about a local mom’s experience with ISR and her family.

ISR!!!! Very import for all infants and toddlers!!


Brennan Curry Townsend

Brennan, a mother of three, and Greenville’s first ISR Instructor, Brennan is excited to introduce these life saving skills to the Greenville community. She teaches Monday through Friday, at a private pool in the Standing Springs area of Simpsonville.

Brennan Curry Townsend has been a wonderful ISR instructor! I highly recommend her!

Lauren DiTullio

Brennan Curry Townsend all the way!!!

Svannah Cruz

Brennan Curry Townsend she taught both of our boys and it was really the best money we ever spent. Both boys are excellent swimmers now and respect the water

Erica Krezdorn McCall

Brennan Curry Townsend was wonderful with my son

Kristin Hanna

Carrie Dedmon Pope

Owner and instructor, Carrie Pope, is located in the Foothills area of South Carolina. Infant Swimming Resource’s Self-Rescue® is the safest provider of survival swimming lessons for children 6 months to 6 years of age.

Carrie Dedmon Pope is wonderful! Even a year later, my two year old was turning and floating

Janell Jensen Pitman

Claudette Graham

Have had such a great experience with (Brennan) and Claudette Graham – location wise Claudette is much closer to me but they are both wonderful.

Laura Nichols

Other Options For Swim Lessons in Greenville, SC

If you’re opting to go the private instructor route or are looking for another swim school option, there are some in our area! The great part about private instructors is that they’re able to be super connected with your child and more focused on your child’s particular swim needs. Here are a few more swim lesson options in Greenville, SC:

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Class and Activity Guide

Looking for more summer fun? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Classes & Activities in Greenville, SC.

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6 years ago

Do you have swimming lesson for adults?

6 years ago
Reply to  John

Several of these groups do offer swim lessons for adults.

Carrie Fisher
6 years ago

I am looking for private swim lessons, that someone can come to our house in Travelers Rest. We have an inground pool. You can email me at Carries864@gmail.com

Jessica Owens
6 years ago

We decided to go the private swim instructor route because my children (5 &7) had never had lessons. I hired Elizabeth Byce and she was amazing!! Taught water safety, enter and exit strategies, back floats, bobs, proper breathing techniques, basic arm, legs, head positions, even fun stuff like getting dive sticks off the bottom. After only 8 lessons, my oldest can jump in and swim the length of the pool, and my youngest (who didnt wanna get her head wet day 1) can do it half the length of the pool. They love her and so do I! She is… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Jessica Owens

how much did she charge?

Elizabeth Byce
3 years ago
Reply to  Jessica Owens

Hi! This is Elizabeth Byce from above. I am not teaching this summer due to Covid. I apologize for any inconvenience! Thanks!

5 years ago

H2o&U Swim!!! is Great… Join us for the 2018 swim season. Do you have a home or community pool? We will come directly to you. ​We have a passion for swim lessons and water safety and it shows! Our tailored approach ensures every participant gets exactly the experience and skills they need to excel at their lessons and enjoy a lifetime of enjoying the water with confidence. Private and semi-private lessons are available or get a group together for a discount. Registration begins in March with lessons beginning in May. Register now, pay now and let us take care of… Read more »

Michelle Clanton
5 years ago
Reply to  Rebekah Craig

Where can I get more information about signing up for lessons? Thanks!

5 years ago

Have you heard about Pengu Swim School?

4 years ago

Swim Lessons with Mary (swimlessonswithmary.com) offers private lessons that come to your house or your neighborhood pool all over the upstate, SC!!

2 years ago

How i can get contact i need private swin lessons

2 years ago
Reply to  Adriana

Contact one of the services on the list. Thanks!