Big Apple Doughnut & Cafe Is A Doughnut Lovers Dream Come True

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Big Apple Doughnut & Cafe has two locations for amazing donuts, filled and topped however you want. Plus, they have doughnut sandwiches for a bit of sweet and savory all in one bite. We went looking for some amazing doughnuts and we think you’ll agree – we found them. Check out Big Apple Doughnut & Cafe in Mauldin and Taylors, SC.

Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe

See Inside: A Visit to Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe

Come along on our visit to Big Apple.

The Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich at Big Apple

We thought the doughnut breakfast sandwich might be amazing. We were right; it was like eating the most delicious breakfast in sandwich form. If bacon, eggs, and cheese sandwiched between two donuts isn’t something you want your trainer to find out about, they have other more traditional options for their sandwiches.

donut wall and breakfast donut sandwich

The Doughnuts at Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe

The donuts here are all left unfilled and when you order them, you can choose from eight fillings, and numerous topping choices. They have sprinkles, chocolate, coconut, maple bacon, eclairs, and sour cream doughnuts, plus a whole lot more. We found them all to be fresh and very yummy.

Big Apple Doughnut & Café Locations

Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe of Mauldin, the original Big Apple Doughnut & Cafe:  219 W Butler Road, Mauldin, SC   | 864.807.2676    
Big Apple Doughnuts & Cafe of Taylors, the new Wade Hampton location: 3245 F Wade Hampton Blvd Taylors, SC | 864.790.8219

Locals’ Reviews: Big Apple Doughnut & Café

Big Apple Donuts & Cafe on [W Butler]! The absolute best, and they also have other delicious food on their menu.

Sasha Corbett

Big Apple is awesome! Fresh, and they fill your donuts when you order with your choice of filling

Alex Caro

Big Apple Donuts & Cafe has the BEST donuts I’ve ever tasted!! They fill the donuts with TONS of filling, the donuts are SO soft and fluffy, and they have DELICIOUS food as well. Their maple/bacon donuts are the best!!

Tia Cameron

Big Apple Donuts in Simpsonville! You have to get the Strawberries and Cream filled! Great donuts all around, but that one is next level.

Elyse Geggis

We love their bacon topped donuts!

Deirdre Smith
rack of glazed donuts

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