Celebrate At Home With A Charcuterie Board in Greenville or Spartanburg, SC

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Ever considered enjoying delicious food in a festive way with a charcuterie board? There are plenty of places to hire a local charcuterie artist to make a celebratory charcuterie board in Greenville, SC. While they’re not one of the easiest things to pronounce, they’re easy to look at (and even easier to eat). 

The delicious french trend of displaying meats, cheeses, and other delectable morsels together might be tricky to say. But with our help, finding a local charcuterie artist won’t be difficult. We’ve listed out some local places where you can order full charcuterie boards, ingredients, and hand-crafted boards that are a work of art even by themselves.

charcuterie boards in greenville, sc

What is Charcuterie?

First, though, let’s have a petite leçon de Français. If you remember your high school French and can correctly pronounce charcuterie, then you are dismissed from class. However, if you find yourself saying this very French word without the confidence of a French man in a beret, we can help. 

”Shark-Q-Terry” is how you should pronounce the word when you order your artistic tray of cured meats, cheeses, and fruit. Perhaps you might have seen another shark-related pronunciation, “swimming,” around on social media. S’il Vous plaît, do not pronounce it this way. I promise you won’t have been the first to try and place your order in this fashion. 

Ordering a Charcuterie Board in Greenville, SC

Now that we’ve gone over the hard part, here comes the delicious part. If looking at all of these local options doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will. Even though parties aren’t the most fabulous idea this year, I think this holiday season could be the best to order a charcuterie board.

Think about it; you wouldn’t have to share it with a ton of people at a party. The treat of something special is the perfect way to celebrate with your family this year. There are options to fit every taste and budget, and you’ll be supporting a local small business in the process. 

charcuterie boards greenville, sc
Photo Credit: Chadcuterie


  • Ladies Night | $30
    Manchego cheese, wild berry chèvre, pimento cheese, salami, fresh fruit, crackers, cornichons, spiced walnuts, baguettes 
  • Gangwer Grazer |$68
    Three kinds of cheese, three types of meat, fresh fruit, crudités, crackers, baguettes, stout mustard, pimento cheese, olives, cornichons, spiced walnuts, local honey & caramel corn 
  • The full list of Chadcuterie options is available online
  • Contact Chadcuterie for more info about Custom ”Bring Your Own Board” option
charcuterie boards greenville, sc
Photo Credit: Southern Grazer

Southern Grazer

Options include artisan cheeses and meats, fruits, veggies, crackers, nuts, pickles or olives, and a sweet. 

  • 4” mini boxes (10 box minimum) – $10 
  • 9” medium grazer (serves 4) – $60 
  • 12” large grazer (serves 8) – $90 
  • Also available: platters, trays, and grazing tables

Other Charcuterie Options In Greenville, SC

Ordering a Charcuterie Board in Spartanburg, SC

dray bar / plankowner

Dray: Bar & Grill / Plankowner Brewery

  • Half boards | $16
  • Full Boards | $28

Other Charcuterie Options in Spartanburg, SC

Looking for An Actual Board For That Charcuterie? 

Are you looking to try a DIY approach to that spread? If you need a board for your creation or have one of the listed makers create custom meat and cheese masterpiece for you, these local woodworkers are ready to help! 

ballew woodworks cutting boards
Photo Credit: Ballew Woodworks

Looking to set up a special picnic for your family? Why not use a picnic set-up service to help you make it memorable?

Bon Appetit, enjoy that tray of treats! 

Your holiday table, Greenville ,SC

Still hungry?

Find lots more delicious food to fill your holiday table.

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