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Are you looking for a styled picnic or sleepover service in Greenville, SC? One of the better things to become a trend in the last few years is styled slumber parties and picnics. Gone are the days of a simple sleeping bag or picnic blanket being enough to wow a crowd and these small business owners are rising to the task. 

This list of talent includes people who can create a themed slumber party for your child, a themed grown-up slumber party, a themed picnic party, and even someone who can help you with a beautiful picnic celebration on the beaches of the low country. 

Whether you have a reason to celebrate, or you just want to celebrate making it through the week, the help you need is on this list! 

Pampas and Picnic and Dream House Sleepovers set-up
Photo Credit: Pampas and Picnics / Dream House Sleepovers

Themed Indoor Slumber Parties & Sleepovers

These businesses will come to your home or party venue and set up a teepee-style tent and air mattress for each child, along with matching themed items. If you don’t see the theme you are interested in, don’t hesitate to ask. 

These sleep-over setups require an area of approximately 6 feet by 4 feet per tent. The huge gain in popularity means that the availability of services books up quickly, and planning a month or more in advance might be required. 

Things typically included in a slumber party setup:

  • A teepee 
  • A Matress and fully decorated bed
  • Themed Accessories 
  • Battery operated fairy lights, LED neon lights or other lighted accents
  • A decorated tray table
  • Throw pillows or cushions
  • Blankets 
  • A name plate, chalkboard name boards or cafe board
  • Additional themed accessories
  • *For health reasons bed pillows are not supplied through most service providers

Dream House Sleepovers
What makes them unique: Aloft Greenville’s Camp Aloft is the free set up of a slumber tent in the room in place of a cot for a child. 

The Cost: Rates start at $175 for a 1- 3 child setup. More sleepover packages and add-ons are available online.

Dream House Sleepovers
Photo Credit: Dream House Sleepovers

Available themes:

  • LOL Suprise
  • Be Happy – Rainbow Theme
  • Galaxy Theme
  • Glowlight 
  • Candy Theme
  • Ivy Theme
  • Llama Theme
  • Mermaid Theme
  • Glamour Theme
  • Unicorn Theme
  • Horse Theme
  • Tik Tok Theme
  • Spa theme
  • American Girl Theme
  • Boho theme
  • Cheetah

Magical Makings (Easley, SC)

What makes them unique: Princess Theme w/ Visit from a princess character. So that 

The Cost: Rates start at $225 for a 1- 3 child setup, contact Magical Makings for more package options.

Magical Makings
Photo Credit: Magical Makings

Available themes:

  • Summer Theme
  • Shooting Stars 
  • Tropical 

Magical Makings also offers picnic setups, date night setups, and other options! Contact them for more info. 

magical makings
Photo Credit: Magical Makings

Glamp Kamp Slumber Parties (Columbia Area)

What makes them unique: They also offer Glam Picnic packages so that parents can have a memorable night too! 

The Cost: Contact Glamp Kamp Slumber Parties for a quote
Available themes:

  • LOL Surprise 
  • Glowlight 
  • Tik Tok
  • Tye Dye
  • Tropical
  • Parisian Theme
  • Barbie 
  • Gamer Theme
  • Super Hero
  • Unicorn

Sensational Sleepovers (Charlotte Area)
What makes them unique: They also offer balloon arches and other balloon statement pieces.

The Cost: Packages start at $230 for a 2 child setup, with more packages available online.
Available themes:

  • Dare to Dream – Unicorn Theme
  • City of Lights – Parisian Theme
  • Into The Woods or Campfire BItes – Camping Theme 
  • Glamor Girl 
  • Bear Hugs
  • Wonderland
  • Secret Garden 
  • Charli – TikTok Theme
  • Game On – Gamer Theme
  • Touch Down
  • FIFA Fever – Soccer 
  • Basketball Theme

Glamourous Outdoor Tent Services

Looking for a fun date night option, without needing a babysitter? What about glamping in your backyard with your special person? Or if you need a mom escape, you can do it all alone! Glamping is made simple with services that set up and decorate for whatever the occasion is.

Tented Greenville
Did the themed kids’ sleepover setups make you wish you were a kid again? Unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine, but Tented Greenville can help you with their luxurious tent setups. With their help, you can throw your grownup slumber party, romantic date night, or a backyard mom-escape. 

Add some fancy meat and cheeses to that glamping set up with a Custom made Charcuterie Board

Picture Perfect Picnic Setup Services

Glamourous picnics are the new trend in social gatherings! Add a charcuterie board, and you have an instagramable feast for the eyes, and the stomach! 

Pakita Picnics   

This Upstate picnic service offers you custom seating for your meal, along with the option of a crafty keepsake. Pakita Picnics includes a customized menu card for each setting, and their Moroccan-themed set-up is fantastic to see in person. It would undoubtedly make any meal special. 

Heather Campbell @FoodieMcFooderton
Photo Credit: Heather Campbell @FoodieMcFooderton

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Picnic & Company
If you just want to make one phone call and have it all taken care of at once, Picnic & Company is the only Upstate all-inclusive picnic service. They will do everything from the table setup and decor to the food and refreshments. Your work begins and ends when you reserve them to handle your special picnic. 

Pampas and Picnics (Charleston)
I can’t think of a better way to end a beach trip with your family than a sunset picnic on the beach. Who has room to bring all the extra stuff on a beach trip for something like this, though? The good news is you can leave it to Christine with Pampas and Picnics. She can even guide you to the perfect source of food for the picnic! She’s kind of a local expert. Enjoying a glamorous picnic on the beach should be on everyone’s bucket list; I’m adding it to mine! 

Pampas and Picnics on the beach
Photo Credit: Pampas and Picnics

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