3 Kids’ Cooking Classes in Greenville, SC

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Looking for kids cooking classes in Greenville, SC? Would you love for your child to learn how to cook? Here’s a list of local venues that offer kids’ cooking classes. Kids will learn cooking and baking, and possibly the best part is that they won’t make a mess in your kitchen!

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Food matters. As families, we often base our days around food. In my house, the most-used room is the kitchen and it’s where all the action happens. When kids get the chance to learn how to make their own food, the benefits can be not only tasty, but also help their self-esteem and confidence grow and serve as an awesome bonding tool with their families.

Cooking Classes in Greenville SC for Kids

Places That Offer Cooking Classes For Kids

The Cooks Station

515 Buncombe Street, Greenville | 864.250.0091
The Cooks Station has it all. You can dine-in, shop for gourmet ingredients, and learn how to cook them too. They also offer classes for kids that range from teaching kids basic baking skills to teaching them how to prepare their own yummy snack favorites. The full class schedule can be found on the Cook Station Website.

Mauldin Cultural Center

101 East Butler Road, Mauldin | 864.884.4941
This community center occasionally offers different cooking classes for kids.

After School Plus

During the summer of 2023, After School Plus in Mauldin will be hosting several cooking classes. How fun does that sound?! Here’s the schedule:

Sweet Treats
June 5-9 |1pm – 4pm | Grades K5-2 | $170
Kids will learn how to make carnival-style treats, including cotton candy with unique flavors, popcorn with various toppings, and of course, homemade ice cream!

Carnival Treats
June 12-16 |1pm – 4pm | Grades 5-8 | $170
Kids will learn how to make carnival-inspired treats like cotton candy, snow cones, donut dough, and more. Kids will get to eat some of what they make and take the rest home to share.

Cook a Book
June 26-30 | 1pm – 4pm | K5-2nd | $170
Kids will read a book and then make a recipe from that book. They may read The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza, then make pizza or If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and make cookies. Come explore other books like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Dragons Love Tacos and the exciting treats they prompt.

Cupcake Wars
July 24-28 | 9am – 12pm | Grades 2-6 | $170
Come bake and ice something delicious! Learn piping techniques to make the cutest cupcakes around! Campers eat some of their treats, take some home, and the rest are sold at a bake sale at the end of camp, with all funds donated to the charity campers choose.

June 19-23 | 1pm – 4pm | K5-2nd | $170
Campers will learn basic cooking techniques like measuring, what the different measuring tools are, how to mix, how to have good cooking hygiene, and how to make yummy treats. All tools are kid-safe. Kids will make pancakes, parfaits, simple snacks, and treats.

Snack Attack
July 17-21 | 1pm – 4pm | Grades 5-8 | $170
Knowing how to create simple snacks is an important skill for tweens and teens. This camp teaches them techniques and recipes to create afternoon or any time snacks using pantry staples. Cooks also learn cooking skills and safety. Come create bagel pizza, test out spices to find your favorites, make muffins, trail mix, and more!

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