Where to Enjoy Creek Stomping in the Upstate, SC

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If you’re from the South, creek stomping may have easily been a wonderful summer memory from your childhood. Now that you’ve got kids of your own, it’s time to show them how to enjoy the fun of playing in the creek, looking for critters. We have gathered an excellent list of creeks near Greenville, SC for you to enjoy with your family. What is creek stomping you ask? Well, it’s really simple. You find a creek and then, you guessed it, you stomp around in it. Or if you prefer, you can splash.

Creek Stomping Near Greenville South Carolina

If you are looking for places to dive in and go swimming, we’ve got a list of Upstate swimming holes you can check out.

People playing in the creek.

A Note About the Reedy River

While places like the Reedy River at Falls Park and Cedar Falls Park might look like a fun place to do some creek stomping, we recommend you follow all posted warnings. The Reedy River has a high content of E-Coli bacteria and we assured readers we’d include this info, to keep families safe. The Falls downtown are pretty to look at, but that should be the closest you, your kids, or pets should get.

Creeks to Play in Near Greenville, SC

Campbell’s Covered Bridge – Landrum, SC

The park at Campbell’s covered bridge is a perfect place to splash around in the creek. There’s plenty of shade and space to lay out a picnic blanket. The water is shallow so, this is a good place for younger kids.

Campbell's Covered Bridge

Find out why we enjoy creek stomping and having a picnic at Campbell’s Covered Bridge in Landrum, SC

*Croft State Park – Spartanburg, SC

At Croft State Park, hidden just a short walk down the Southside loop trail, you’ll find a perfect spot next to the stream to splash on the shore. There are plenty of shade trees, space to spread out, and even a few park benches. If you own a hammock, this would be a great place to bring it. This park is one of Spartanburg’s best nature areas, so there are lots of other things to do here.

Creek stomping at Croft State Park in Spartanburg, South Carolina
Playing at Croft State Park

Glendale Shoals – Spartanburg, SC

This former mill site is a popular place to swim with locals. It’s also a great place to splash around on the shore. We highly recommend the use of water shoes or some footwear while in the water. Recent storms have washed a lot of rubbish towards the beach area.

Pleasant Ridge County Park – Marietta, SC

Pleasant Ridge County Park is better known for its bike trails, but Leroy Smith Nature Trail offers easy access to Pleasant Ridge Falls – a great spot for splashing around.

*Jones Gap State Park – Marietta, SC

The Jones Gap Trail leading to a waterfall, provides lots of opportunities to splash around in the river that runs along side the trail. Our writer Erin loves playing in the creek here, and has fond memories of playing in the creek here regularly as a child. There are lots of rocks here, so be careful and wear slip-grip shoes if possible.

*Paris Mountain State Park – Greenville, SC

While visitors to the state park can swim during the warmer months, the creek that feeds into the lake is perfect for stomping around in. The creek is located right off the Sulphur Springs parking lot. Kids love this creek because it’s very shallow, there are lots of rocks to observe, and you’ll occasionally see a harmless water snake or two.

playing in the creek
Creek Stomping at Paris Mountain State Park

River Place Park – Lyman, SC

Tucked away to the left of the Middle Tyger library branch, this access point to the river is a great place to splash around. Wearing water shoes is highly recommended here due to sharp rocks.

Nesbitt Shoals Nature Park – Roebuck, SC

Popular with all sorts of water enthusiasts during the summer, Tyger-10 park and Nesbitt Shoals is a good place for older kids to splash around in the Tyger River. Be careful Kayakers who frequent the shoals along with high water levels after heavy rains.

Wildcat Wayside – Cleveland, SC

This spot is a VERY popular spot with our readers. If you want to go and still adhere to social distancing guidelines, we suggest going early in the morning during the week. The shallow waters are great for younger kids to play in the cold mountain water alongside you.

Waterfall at Wildcat Wayside
Wildcat Wayside

*Horseshoe Falls at Musgrove Mill Historic Site – Clinton

An easy, short, and paved path leads to a small little sandy beach at the base of Horseshoe Falls at Musgrove Mill, which is perfect to play in the water.

Les Mullins Park at Harmon Field – Tryon, NC

This is a beautiful park with a playground, picnic areas, and lots of space to run around as well as a great little creek to cook off in.

*These state parks and historic sites have fees to enter.

Do you have a spot to safely creek stomp that we don’t know about? Let us know in the comments!

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Kristina Hernandez is a mom of two girls, freelance writer and photographer. Originally from New Jersey, she is in love with the Upstate and could not imagine raising her kids anywhere else. She enjoys hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, camping, cooking, and exploring all that Greenville has to offer. And she really loves baby goats. Follow her on Instagram at @scadventurer.

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3 years ago

Fantastic creek stomping at pleasant Ridge park, right at the entrance, and also Timmons Park right downtown. I discovered both on park hop years ago and have been back several times since! Nice big crayfish and salamanders—I found a five inch salamander at pleasant ridge last month!!