Nintendo and Local Beer at Family-Friendly Double Stamp Brewery: Greenville, SC

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Double Stamp Brewery in Holland Park in Greenville, SC is a fun place to relax and have fun together while enjoying local craft beer and soda and playing Nintendo.

While I enjoy a good craft beer, I enjoy playing Nintendo even more, so when we got an invitation to check out the old-school Nintendo games at Double Stamp Brewery, it was an easy “yes!”. But to my surprise, not only was the Nintendo playing a ton of fun but the beer, which is made on-site with local ingredients, was top-notch. 

Double Stamp Brewery

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Double Stamp Brewery

Double Stamp Brewery is part of Holland Park in Greenville, which includes Flying Rabbit Adventures, Home Team BBQ, and Greektown Express. It’s pretty new, only having opened in 2021, but they are already making a name for themselves with a Sunday Market from Noon-4 pm and rave reviews. 

Double Stamp is 90s-themed, which makes my heart happy. There are Vanilla Ice cards under the glass at the bar and posters of VHS tapes, which my kids were totally confused about. 

The brewery doesn’t sell any food but you can take your beer and walk over to Greektown or Home Team BBQ and eat there, or bring food from either place into the brewery. 

Double Stamp Brewery

Double Stamp makes all their beer in-house and from local ingredients as they can. They have quite the operation in the back and it’s a sight to behold. I tried the Laces Out, a delicious and light wheat beer, and a heavier Cinnamon Roast Crunch, an imperial breakfast stout. It was so delicious and the general manager, Julie, added a bit of another beer in it to make it even more amazing. I don’t know what she was doing but it was awesome. Ask for her when you go.

Check out what Double Stamp has on tap before you go on the Double Stamp website.

House-Made Soda

I’m not a soda drinker whatsoever but when I saw Julie and the brewmaster straining blood orange juice from freshly zested and peeling blood oranges, I think my mind changed. They were also in the process of making cherry soda, which is just cherries, sugar, and carbonated water. 

Then I got to try their Vanilla Cupcake soda, which is on tap, and what a moment of awakening. It was so, so good, flavorful, and light, and not at all like any commercially sold soda. This is a great option for non-drinkers and kids or if you just want to try something new and delicious. 


Let’s get to the Nintendo games! Double Stamp has two spots to play Nintendo – one at the bar with wireless controllers and the other at a big television with comfy couches and chairs. 

We sat at the bar and had such a blast. I immediately started playing Super Mario Bros 3, which readers may know is one of my favorite old-school games, and man, I wish they had three players so I didn’t have to give up a controller to one of my kids. I love experiences where you can play games with your kids and this one was just so much fun because of the great environment and laid-back vibe of the brewery. 

Double Stamp Brewery

This would also be a great date night idea – get drinks while playing Nintendo and enjoy dinner at Home Team or Greektown. You can even eat outside on the upstairs open-air deck of Double Stamp. Or, go to Flying Rabbit Adventures, which we highly recommend, and then enjoy games and locally-made brews. Lots of options!

They have Trivia Nights and the brewery is pet-friendly.

Visiting Double Stamp Brewery

The brewery is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-10 pm, Friday and Saturday from Noon-11 pm, and Sunday from Noon-9 pm. They are closed Mondays. 

819 Laurens Road, Greenville
Double Stamp Brewery Facebook page

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