Flying Rabbit Adventures: This Outdoor Ropes and Zipline Course in Greenville, SC is Thrilling

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Did you know there is an epic ropes and zipline course near Downtown Greenville, SC? Flying Rabbit Adventures ropes and zipline courses are just a few minutes from downtown, and we sent Kristina to test it out. It’s even cooler than she thought it would be!

Haning out on the ropes course at Flying Rabbit Adventures

Why You Need to Check Out Flying Rabbit Adventures in Greenville, SC

If there’s a new adventure to be had, I’m in. Like all in. I knew Flying Rabbit Adventures was going to have a big zipline and ropes course but when I got there and saw just how big it was and just how amazingly fun it looked, I couldn’t wait to get geared up. The adventure course has a lot going for it and I have several reasons you need to check it out.

Safety is the Top Priority

Let’s get the boring, but most important, stuff out of the way first. The safety precautions the staff at Flying Rabbit Adventures takes are outstanding. You’ll get a safety lesson when you are geared up with your straps and helmet and double-checked over by the staff. Then you get another safety lesson before you climb the tower and start all the fun. Then the guides on the course make sure you are strapped in safely and are hooked up to the belays properly.

I saw no cell phones on any of the guides so they aren’t going to be distracted. They communicate with walkie-talkies. They watch you like hawks as well. My daughter got stuck on moving her belay (the thing that hooks you to the lines) and the guide, who was on the platform on the level of the tower she was on, immediately got out to her and helped her out. Sarah, our guide, told us that they are all extensively trained and during downtime, will even practice rescue missions.

Safety at Flying Rabbit Adventures

The Kid’s Course is Amazing

The Orville’s Kids Course consists of rope obstacles and ziplines and sits right below the big observation deck so parents can easily watch their kids if they want. More on this kid-watching thing in a minute.

My seven-year-old really enjoyed all the fun obstacles and having the freedom to play hard. A child’s ticket is $30 and they get a full two hours to play on the course.

The Aerial Adventure Course is Built for Adventure

The Aerial Adventure at Flying Rabbit Adventures is a tower that is three stories high and has five ziplines and 58 “elements”, which are the ropes courses that you can choose to attempt. As you move up the tower, the harder the elements get. I only did the bottom level and it was pretty hard but also really fun. As I said in the beginning, I’m up for almost anything and this certainly did the trick. The obstacles are well thought out and playful, perfect for forgetting the stress of daily life and focusing on relaxation and stress relief.

It’s also a workout and something completely different to focus on since you need to pay attention to how in the world you are going to traverse a series of crisscross logs suspended 30 feet in the air!

Tickets for the Aerial Adventure Course are $40 for only the lower level and $60 for full access and include 2.5 hours of time on the course.

There is Beauty in the Architecture

I may be odd for making this one of the top things I liked about Flying Rabbit Adventures but I really loved the observation deck and how the courses were built in a way that you felt like you were actually in the trees. The observation deck is huge with comfy couches and overlooks the very end of the Aerial Adventure Course, which is the giant zipline. You can easily look over the kids’ course and the pump track.

The elements of the Aerial Adventure course are beautiful, too. I hit some leaves on one of the obstacles as I was making my way across (this course is going to be stunning when the leaves change color) and I liked that feeling of being up in the trees.

Parents Can Sit Back and Relax

If you don’t want to do the course or you want to enjoy a cold brew from the brewery directly next to Flying Rabbit and bring it to the observation deck, you can do that. You don’t actually need to be with your kids as they traverse obstacles high in the air or zip around the kid’s course. I triple-confirmed this, don’t worry.

Talking to a crew member at Flying Rabbit Adventures

The guides are there to watch every person on the course and help them along if need be. No one is going to judge you if are just chilling on the deck while your kids wear themselves out.

Food and Beverage Are in the Same Lot

Flying Rabbit Adventures sits directly behind Home Team BBQ and Double Stamp Brewery. There are lots of picnic benches in the shade where you can eat and drink, which makes this location perfect for a wonderful day of fun for the whole family.

Planning Your Adventure at Flying Rabbit

Once you decide that yes, this is absolutely perfect for you and your kids (or just your kids – totally fine), you can book your Flying Rabbit Adventure online. Once you get there, you’ll need to sign a waiver.

Prices for the kid’s course are $30/person for two hours. Prices for the Aerial Adventure course is $40/person for the lower level only and $60/person all access. You get 2.5 hours on the course.

For the kid’s course, the minimum height is 40″ and max is 60″. Kids must weigh at least 38 pounds. For the Aerial Adventure Course, the minimum height is 60″ and max is 80″. The minimum weight is 44 pounds and the maximum weight is 285 pounds.

Flying Rabbit Adventures also has a pump track where people can ride bikes and scooters. It is $15 for an hour or $30 for three hours. They have bikes you can rent for an extra $10.

Make sure to wear closed-toed shoes and bring water – it’s a workout.

Overall, Flying Rabbit Adventures went far beyond my expectations. My kids have been asking when we can go back. All of us had such a memorable experience that I should probably be planning our next trip already.

Flying Rabbit Adventures
821 Laurens Road, Greenville (directly behind Home Team BBQ)

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